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Over the Mountain Winter Gadgets

by Joel Martens
Wednesday Jan 15, 2014

In honor of The Rage Monthly's story about Tom Whitman's Elevation events, I just couldn't resist a little editorial on must-have cold-weather gadgetry. I mean we of the southern clime have really, really thin blood and a notable allergy to cold, what's a SoCali supposed to do when in winter weather on the slopes? I'm just tryin' to keep a homo warm!

Leki Hot Shot Ski Pole

Now we're talkin'... something that heats you up from the inside out when out in the chilly elements -- and it's so very James Bond-esque! I love a little stealth and this has got it hands down and warms your insides with a quick shot of your favorite swill.

This sporty alpine pole is made of high-strength aluminum, with Leki's Trigger S system and Speed grip, very solid winter gear. Best feature ever: Your "saucy stick" allows you to keep up to 160ml of liquid inside, just in case you can't make it to the bottom of the run without another drink. Wait, this is a good thing right?

$145 at


As they say on their website, "Instant Data. Unlimited Possibilities."

If you’re an avid skier/snowboarder, then you know the dilemma of trying to check your phone, adjust your music, or god forbid, answer a phone call. Problem solved -- with the Snow2, the next generation heads up display for alpine sports!

Keep track of your speed, accurately calculated by GPS and barometric pressure data, jump analytics show your airtime in the park, or track your vertical feet by run, by day and over the course of the season.

Want to know how high your Rocky Mountain high is? The onboard altimeter tracks your altitude to within one meter.

Find your way around new resorts, easily track down points of interests and never lose track of friends or family on the slopes again. View your calls and read text messages immediately as you receive them and be in full control of your favorite tunes as you ski or board once you pair the device with your iPhone or Android.

Smart optics ensure that you do not need to refocus your eye when viewing the high resolution display due to the innovative mirror and prism technology. And the waterproof Bluetooth remote allows you to easily navigate. How sexy-cool is that?

$299 to $549 at

Hestra Rechargeable Heated Gloves

There is nothing worse than not being able to feel your fingers.

You can really acquire some icy digits when you’re up on the mountain and the wind is whipping, or for that matter while your ass is being hauled up on the lift. I mean really, who can focus on having a great run when your fingers are numb?

Solution: These "hot" gloves come with built in warmers that include three different heat settings, all controlled from the outside of the gloves, so you will never have to worry about cold fingers again.

$400 at

Hotronic e4 Foot Warmer

Okay, I lied, there is something worse than cold fingers... let’s move to the digits on the other end of the body and another notoriously icy zone.

Let’s face it, when the temperature drops, frozen toes can be excruciating, and once chilled it’s really difficult to bring them up to a toe-lerable level (yuk-yuk).

Enter the Hotronic e4 Foot Warmer, a nifty rechargeable insole that fits into your shoes, boots or what ever the case may be. Drop ’em in, hook ’em up and ta-da, toastie tootsies!

$239 at

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