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L.A.’s Top 10 Food Trucks

Wednesday May 7, 2014

Everyone in Los Angeles knows the best eats come from a truck and not a restaurant, and this list of the Best L.A. food trucks from highlights the best of the best. Popular food trucks travel across Southern California serving up a selection of foods on the go. From the Kogi BBQ truck that started the food truck craze, to others that specialize in ethnic food or sweets, it's easy to find good eats that are sure to please nearly everyone.

While L.A. food trucks often show up at scheduled locations, many food truck enthusiasts enjoy the hunt of tracking down their favorite truck in the city. Luckily for these foodies, the food trucks use the Internet and social media to communicate their locations and specials.

In addition to posting their menus, schedules and planned locations on their official websites, many food trucks will inform their fans of other news, such as specials, using their Twitter and Facebook accounts. As if that wasn't enough, there are secondary websites strictly devoted to tracking Los Angeles food trucks.

Top 10 Food Trucks

So, what are the best food trucks in LA? There’s an estimated 200 food trucks roaming the streets of Los Angeles in total, but some are certainly better than others.
L.A.’s Top 10 Food Trucks

1. Grilled Cheese Truck
2. Kogii BBQ
3. Grill ’Em All
4. Lardon
5. Coolhaus
6. Buttermilk Truck
7. LudoTruck
8. Yalla
9. Vizzi Truck
10. Lobsta Truck


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