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Spring’s Natural Beauty

by Heather Cassell
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Mar 6, 2013

After a harsh winter your skin probably needs a refresher to get sun kissable beach and pool ready.

Forget the expensive creams concocted in labs, skincare is getting back to earth with natural products that help slow the aging process and are paraben-free. Spring is calling for a revived dewy, ethereal look that glows. This new trend is not only a welcomed fresh sight, but also builds on healthy trends to maintain and keep skin vibrant, say experts.

Trends or no trends, hormonally, hair and skin are the first parts of anyone's body to reflect the changes from within, says celebrity stylist and makeup artist Jenny Oxier, who is better known as Jenny O, and is co-owner of Reno's A Salon 7.

Oxier, a 35-year-old queer woman (who got the tip from one of A Salon 7's estheticians) says that people with normal skin can get away with over the counter products such as concentrated coconut oil from Trader Joe's to keep skin plump and moist.

A Salon 7 continues to rock Reno as it has for nearly a decade, when Oxier founded the trendy salon by embracing the LGBT community and bringing the world's trends to the local community. When she isn't on the road styling rock stars and politicians, she also commutes to San Diego part of the year to work at Say Lula Salon.

Tanya Martini, Oxier's partner-in-styling-crime for the past eight years, suggests that people should always use sun block, cleanse and exfoliate with a good exfoliator, tone and moisturize the face and skin using organic oils, as well as drink a lot of water and take vitamins to keep skin healthy and bright.

"Drinking water just keeps you feeling good, alert and awake," she says. Bottom line, "build your foundation for your skin."

Ultimately, "it's up to the consumer to make sure they are aware of what is appropriate for their skin," from prepping for wearing makeup or going natural, says Oxier.

She encourages people to tap estheticians for their expert advice on skincare. "You want to make sure you are protecting your skin no matter how young or old you are or what gender you may be."

Estheticians are your skin's best friend and best defense. Skincare is very individualized, so the best thing to protect your skin is to partner up with your esthetician to find out what will work best for you whatever climate, season and your lifestyle you live in or travel through.

To spring up in your look, it isn't as expensive to modify what's trending in beauty and fashion magazines as you might think. Estheticians and salons can work with nearly any budget to help people get back on track to taking care of themselves. Oxier suggests seeking out packages at discounted rates, Groupon deals and seasonal specials.

"You've got to do stuff for yourself. The stuff that makes you feel great, because it radiates," says Oxier, pointing out that estheticians and stylists want to make sure that "everyone can afford" to take care of themselves or "at least get set on the right path."

Oxier's tips for selecting an esthetician:
1. You are building a relationship, so find someone of quality, a professional who knows his or her job and is always on the lookout for the "newest and greatest technology"
2. Know your body and skin, become aware of what works and what doesn't work for you.
3. Make sure you click, does your new best friend "fit into the equation" of your life style, philosophy and values?

Heather Cassell is a freelance journalist and travel writer with more than 20 years experience covering LGBT and women’s issues. When Heather isn’t wandering off learning and writing about women’s and LGBT issues, she covers business, health and other news for a number of publications as well as the syndicated "Out in the World" international LGBT news column.


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