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Brazil Beat: Manicures Supporting the Home Team

Friday Jun 20, 2014

Forget the French manicure. It's Brazil during World Cup, and women here want to flaunt their love of the national team with wacky nail designs.

It's not only the Brazilian flag on the hands of many women here. It's jerseys, footballs, pitches, the World Cup official mascot, and even the face of striker Neymar.

"We like to make our nails look pretty, and we are also big fans of Brazil," said Luciana Costa, the nail designer at the Loar Beauty salon, in central Sao Paulo.

Using a thin brush, Costa painted half the Brazilian flag on one nail of a costumer. She decorated another nail with a ball.

The client, 31-year-old Mara Campos, said it's the second time she is getting a Brazilian design on her nails. Last week, she painted them the three colors of the flag: green, yellow and blue.

"I like not having to worry about what I wear in order to support Brazil," she said. "My nails will be consistent."

After decorating two of her fingers on each hand, she wanted the rest of the nails a royal blue, the favorite color of the moment, not only because of the country's flag but because it's worn by one of the prime-time soap opera's main characters. It's the show starring Neymar's girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine.

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