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Daddy Love: Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Mark Thompson
EDGE Style & Travel Editor
Tuesday Jun 7, 2011

Who doesn’t love a daddy? There are silver daddies and gay daddies and daddies who take you to the ball game. Daddies who taught you right from wrong - and daddies who spanked you when you were bad. (You know you deserved it...)

Some dads always sat at the head of the table - and always made sure there was food on your plate. They went off to work every morning - and sometimes they took you with them to the office and sat you in the anteroom, where you eyed the secretary’s shoes.

Whether you called him "Dad" or "Daddy" or "Father" - or "Sir," the man deserves to be celebrated. Fete him with something thoughtful that reminds him of the years you’ve shared and how you’ve grown into something of which he’s unequivocally proud.


Every Man Jack: Double Play Kit

In all likelihood, it was your father who bought you your first razor. Maybe he also taught you how to shave (or maybe he left that razor on your pillow and let you figure out the rest...).

Or maybe you were one of those kids who stood on a stool next to your father and lathered up your baby face while he shaved. (Or does that only happen in rom-com chick flicks?)

The point is, shaving is one of the occupational hazards of being male - and something you’ll always share with your father. That’s why Every Man Jack’s Double Play Kit is almost a no-brainer as a gift for Father’s Day. Packed with items from Every Man Jack’s shave and body collections, the Double Play Kit includes fragrance-free face scrub; rich, low-foam shave cream; and face lotion loaded with marine extracts and Shea butter.

From the Every Man Jack body line, there’s a naturally-derived, witch-hazel-based deodorant; a body wash with marine extracts; a four-pack of 100% vegetable-based body bars; and a bonus lip balm. That’s enough booty to last right through to next year’s Father’s Day. And best of all, that’s $40 worth of product - for only $25 (sold exclusively on-line).

Founded in 2006, Every Man Jack produces affordable, high-quality men’s products that are eco-friendly and free of dyes, parabens, and other unsettling ingredients. In short, Every Man Jack has the same simple, no-nonsense philosophy of some of the world’s greatest fathers: what you see is what you get. And what you get is as good for your skin as it is for the environment.

PRICE: $25 / exclusively on-line
LINK: Every Man Jack Double Play Kit


Kusmi Tea: Sweet Love

Some fathers sip Scotch - and some others like nothing so much as a nice cup of tea. If your father prefers a good book to a round of golf, then it’s likely that he’ll enjoy one of the finest teas in the Western world.

Kusmi Tea opened its first teahouse in St. Petersburg in 1867 - and by 1901 was one of the three largest tea companies in Russia. Born of a Russian peasant boy’s ambition (your father will love that part of the story - very Horatio Alger, "pull up your bootstraps"), Kusmi Tea opened its first Maison Kusmi-Thé in Paris in 1917, which is why Kusmi Tea’s motto is "Born in St. Petersburg, Raised in Paris."

Of course, this entire provenance wouldn’t matter a whit were it not for the fact that Kusmi Tea has been adored by tea aficionados for over a century. Russian tea has long been celebrated for its excellent quality - and what better tea to celebrate your father than Kusmi Tea "Sweet Love" tea? A stimulating blend of black China tea, with licorice roots, spices, guarana seed, and pink pepper, "Sweet Love" tea is loaded with antioxidants - to help keep your father looking as young as he is at heart.

The ginseng and guarana provide energy and vitality, while the spices aid in digestion. You’re not only giving your father "Sweet Love," you’re giving him a clean bill of health.

Share a cup of tea with your father - and ask him to tell you, one more time, what it was like when he was a boy.

PRICE: $19.50 / 4.4 oz. metal tin

LINK: Kusmi Tea Sweet Love


Organic Male OM4 : Microblended Bionutrient Face Wash

Of course, some fathers are as sexy as Anderson Cooper - and they work to keep it that way. Some fathers love looking good - and as one New York-based dermatologist recently stated, more and more men are recognizing how their appearance impacts their professional lives. Let’s face it, Roger Sterling didn’t get where he is looking like a slouch.

If your father is the kind who loves good skin, then he’s going to love the Organic Male OM4 skin care system: four products, four step, four minutes a day. That’s all.

Start him off with the Organic Male OM4 Microblended Bionutrient Face Wash. This is a deliciously effective gel-like elixir comprised of red raspberry, wild cherry, alfalfa, and oats, all from Oregon, and all blended into a fine Belgian ale for the benefit of the skin. Although it sounds like a micro-brewery and smells like a fresh sangria, it’s meant for your face, thanks to the oats, which are a natural antioxidant, thereby soothing and cleansing the epidermis. The Oregon grapes help heal skin disorders, while the red raspberry is an anti-irritant - and the alfalfa is a natural astringent.

The products are all packaged perfectly for traveling - as lightweight as they are durable - and the entire collection derives its bio-nutrient strength from the mineral-rich, antioxidant-packed berries, grain, and wine extracts from Oregon vineyards and agricultural fields. As you might imagine, OM4 utilizes natural and organic botanicals of food grade quality - and none of their products contain harmful chemicals, parabens, or additives. In short, you could probably serve this to your father in a glass - but why deprive him of such an effective facial product?

Besides, the younger your father looks - so do you.

PRICE: $35.00 / 150 ml / 5.072 fl. oz.
LINK: Organic Male OM4 Microblended Bionutrient Face Wash


Coby: Vitruvian Speaker System CSMP175 for iPod and iPhone

Let’s face it; your father’s musical tastes have never been yours, which is one reason why you’d rather drive him in your car than his. It’s not that you don’t enjoy Frank Sinatra, but the next time he plays Steve and Edie, you might blow a gasket. Maybe if you bought him a new speaker system, he’d let you control the music in the car.

Using the name of a Leonardo Da Vinci drawing for an iPod/iPhone speaker system might smack of hubris - and yet, Coby’s Vitruvian Speaker System CSMP175 brilliantly evokes the iconic "Vitruvian Man" drawing done by Da Vinci of a male figure inscribed in both a circle and a square. You know it; you’ve seen it in every art history text - as well as in countless cultural references - and the Vitruvian Speaker System makes you see it anew.

The Vitruvian reference is to the rotating, motorized iPhone/iPod dock: with a touch of the button atop the unit (or by using the full-function, infrared remote control), your iPhone/iPod rotates ninety degrees onto its side, thereby switching to Cover Flow to enable the browsing of your albums or the viewing of movies in widescreen video playback.

Meanwhile, a built-in universal dock charges your iPhone/iPod (as well as any other portable) during play - and there’s also a safety arm to reinforce a horizontal iPhone.

Sleekly designed, with adjustable ambient light in bluish-purple, the Vitruvian has power, volume, and lighting buttons on top, and auxiliary and power ports in the rear, and comes with a 3.5 mm stereo input for use with any portable audio device.

As for the quality of the sound, the Vitruvian boasts full-range speakers with 20W total output power (thanks to two one-inch tweeters and two 2.75" full-range drivers), as well as bass boost. By attaching the auxiliary cable, the Vitruvian can also be used as computer speakers.

Perhaps best of all? The Vitruvian is about the least expensive iPhone/iPod speaker system out there (it won’t even cost you a Benjamin...) and yet, with its solid performance and chic styling, the Vitruvian looks like it belongs in a glossy, shelter magazine - as well as in your father’s home.

PRICE: $59.99
LINK: Coby Vitruvian Speaker System CSMP175 for iPod and iPhone


(Gift Guide continues on next page: Mrs. Meyer’s, televisions, Frownies, La Famiglia DelGrosso, and Yala...)


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