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A Dog’s Life: Planning Your Pet’s Staycation

Wednesday May 22, 2013

Memorial Day is almost here and for most people that means the first weekend getaway of the summer. While you may have spent most of the past several weeks torturing yourself over whether to purchase a square cut swimsuit or a more revealing hip hugging bikini brief, if you're a pet owner, you should also have been thinking about where your favorite pooch is going to be spending the weekend, too.

DogVacay offers a matchmaking service that allows pet owners to identity and board their dogs with pet sitters in a home environment instead of a typical boarding facility. The site has vetted thousands of pet care professionals who are capable of taking care of all sorts of dogs -- even those with special needs or medications.

When booked through the website or a DogVacay concierge, customers are guaranteed photo updates of their dogs while on vacation, emergency support, insurance coverage, qualified hosts ranging from professional sitters to experienced dog lovers and a money back guarantee.

5 Items to Pack for Your Dog’s Staycation

If you’ve decided to home board your dog, consider these five tips to make sure the transition is easy for you and your pet:

1. Your dog’s usual food
Some dogs get an upset stomach if you change their brand of dog food, so be sure to pack plenty of your dog’s usual food for his stay. For dry food, a sealed plastic container works best. Just make sure you have packed enough for your dog’s entire stay, and perhaps a little bit extra just in case!

2. Any medications or supplements
New environments may trigger existing allergies, so even if your pet doesn’t need his medication all the time, it’s better to have it on hand to be safe.

3. Instructions
Take the time to write a short list of any special instructions you may have for your pet host regarding feeding times, portions for food, the phone number of your local vet, and where you can be reached. And as always make sure that your dog’s collar fits him properly and that all tags are up-to-date with your cell phone number and address.

4. Pack Two Leashes
It’s always a good idea to pack more than one leash just in case your host loses one. You can pack a short leash and one that has an extendable line for areas where your dog might want to get some exercise.

5. Favorites
Take the time to pack your dog’s bed and favorite toys so that he has some comforts from home; you might want to avoid squeaky toys so your dog doesn’t drive his weekend host crazy! An old T-shirt that smells like you can also make for a great cuddle toy for your dog while you are apart!


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