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All I Need is the Air That I Breathe...

by Joel Martens
Saturday Jun 29, 2013

Air Purifier

How much do you really know about germs and bacteria in your home, beyond the fact that they exist and can cause very bad things? We don't like to think about it but we all know the health problems they can cause.

What's the solution? The Airocide. This little air cleansing machine (some of you may have seen it on Ellen, it's the one she uses) is slim and sleek, with dimensions and design that allow it to blend seamlessly within any household. And as they say, "Airocide resides comfortably at the intersection of function and fabulous."

It was developed by NASA, approved by the FDA, and has been shown to substantially reduce the presence of bacteria and mold (up to 75 percent in households) and for those of us with allergies, "What a relief" is all I can say! What a stylish and sexy solution to fixing the tricky problem of all the particles and gases polluting the air we breathe daily.

Find out more about Airocide at


Okay, I admit that this one is pricey, but man it is just so COOL!

Leave it to Dyson to invent something that does the reverse of his super-efficient "wind tunnel" vacuum cleaner. And let me tell you, this puppy blows - in a very good way! Gone are the blades that chop away at the air to get it moving (ever notice that "buffeting" sound from traditional fans?) with the potential macabre removal of little fingers of the oh too curious...

Dyson fans use Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it 15 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. The air is drawn in by an energy efficient, brushless motor and a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines. The design generates powerful airflow, which is accelerated through an annular aperture. Then it passes it over an airfoil shaped ramp, causing it to draw in and amplify air from around and behind the opening. Whoosh! Better hang on to Toto, Dorothy! Love it, love it, love it.

They also make a version that adds heat for chilly winter months! To locate retail outlets, for more information or to purchase them directly go to

Air Conditioning

Well who knew? This category is completely overwhelming, but when you live in hot climates, one of these puppies is totally necessary.

I’m not going to recommend a particular model, because individual cooling needs (room size, location, etc.) are the factors you must consider when purchasing. Here’s a little guide to make the task a little easier. And for our purposes, we are looking at "room-size" options only.

A Buying Guide:

1. Measure the square footage of the room (or rooms) you wish to chill.

Efficiency is key to cooling a room effectively. Remember: A unit that’s too small won’t do a good job cooling a room. One that’s too big cools the area so quickly that it doesn’t have time to remove enough moisture, so it leaves you with a cold, clammy space.

There is a nifty calculator on the Energy Star website (the agency that rates electrical/cost efficiency).

2. Factor in the location of the unit carefully-it matters.

The most effective placement is when the unit’s fan is directed to the center of the room. Air conditioners with vents blowing air in the same direction do a better job of cooling and especially when located in a window that is centered in your room.

3. Consider the noise level.

Nobody likes the sound level of a whirlybird in their room. And if you are a light sleeper this is vital to pay attention to. Always remember; if an A/C unit is loud in a retail setting, it will sound like a helicopter in the confines of your smaller space.

4. Convenience is the key.

Make sure that you know the location of the A/C unit’s filters and that they are easy to access. Nobody wants to hang out the second story window to change it. And please make sure you do it often, people. There is nothing more disgusting (and unhealthy) than a filthy, nasty filter.

5. When you purchase, check the warranty.

My rule of thumb on warranties: The more you use it, the better the warranty should be.

One might not be able to control the air quality outside of one’s home, but what happens on the inside is a totally different matter. Something hot, something cold, something fresh and all certainly efficient. Nothing but the best for those sensitive membranes.

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