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Virtual Vogue: EDGE’s Best Picks for Online Shopping

by Mac Smith
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Sep 26, 2013

It's that time of year again, when the leaves turn, temperatures dip and the kids queue up for the bus. Even if you're long removed from going "back to school," there's still something about the months ending in -ber that makes one think: Time for a new wardrobe.

Whether you're strapped for time, hate shopping in cramped stores, or like to pretend as if someone else is bestowing fashion forward gifts upon you, EDGE picks of the best online sites to lure you with that September siren song: "Shop. Shop. Shop..."


20jeans sets the spending bar purposefully low and their motto says it all: "Price tags that leave room for discretionary spending... elsewhere." A mere $20 scores a well-cut, great fitting pair of jeans and nothing on 20jeans tops $60, which, considering the high end of the price spectrum is for outerwear, is unheard of.

The namesake jeans come in 11 different variations currently ranging from "Torino," a super skinny chino style to the on-trend "Polychrom" colorful jeans. The "Double Oh 7" jeans in ’you blue it,’ a lighter blue wash, are a sure winner with their crosshatch design and flattering fit. But it’s not just denim. Chino and jean shorts, dress shirts and casual shirts, belts, watches and the aforementioned outerwear are also available.

Flannels, iconic sunglasses and western style pearl snap front shirts will also appease the hipster set. There’s something for every man and for every budget.

20jeans founder Corey Epstein has a simple concept behind his wardrobe revolution: "Guys want to look good, but not at the cost of hours combing through racks of merchandise. And beyond the time that could be spent doing something else, they balk at dropping $80 or more on a single fitted dress shirt." Amen.

Artfully Disheveled

It’s a running joke that men get the shaft come gift giving times with ugly ties of poor quality. Artfully Disheveled doesn’t find it the least bit funny. This is the site where ties, bowties and pocket squares are created with hand woven silk and then done up in custom, mischievous patterns such as meat cleavers, monkey wrenches and pistols.

Each crafty cravat is priced under $100 and an online cult following is really starting to make noise. Artfully Disheveled knows exactly who will get a kick out of this custom cheek: "He’s the well-dressed rebel. He’s the tailored misfit." Whether you’re a stylish dad (or daddy type) or shopping for said man, toss the polyester and go for trendy styles that will stand the test of time.

Maison 24

For Louis Marra and Allison Julius, style is in their blood. The sibling co-owners of Maison 24 come from fashion lineage: their mother and father both had successful fashion retail careers.

Now the siblings stock their two New York-based boutiques and online store with apparel and home goods they covet. "There is one rule - If we would own it or have it in our own homes than it can go into the store." This includes handmade in Italy crystal skull emblazoned smoking slippers for him and diamond and gold Sydney Evan jewelry for her.

Stand-out home items include a "Louis in Extremis" cowhide chair and a set of coasters made by the artist Nir Hod that feature mirrored squares with trompe l’oeil lines of cocaine.

Louis and Allison love working together much to the chagrin of reality TV producers. "We have been approached twice now by two different production companies about doing some sort of reality/design. Both companies wanted to talk about our fights and disagreements and seemed rather disappointed that we actually get along really well. Our career in television seems to be based on our business partnership being on the verge of collapse because all we do is fight. Since that’s not the case we will have to keep at the retail thing." Good thing for us.

Frank & Oak

Looking for preppy, all American classics with a knowing wink? Look no further than Frank & Oak. Co-founders Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani are childhood friends that grew up in Montreal with a shared passion for clothing that was part art, part personal connection. They say their mission is simple: "Help a generation of men dress and live well." We say these may be menswear staples, but it’s all in the details. What seem to be polka dots on a faded red chambray shirt are actually ink blot florals. Henleys come with contrasting plackets. Everything is cut in modern, slim silhouettes.

Frank and Oak is a full-fledged lifestyle brand and has reinvented online shopping with "The Hunt Club" for those with a more adventurous fashion sensibility. Fill out a simple form (it’s free to join) and then order up to three pieces each month to try at home. Frank & Oak will show some suggestions to try based on your former purchasing behavior, but the choice is ultimately yours. You have five days to try the selections out and pay only for what you keep. If you don’t want to place an order, just choose to skip the month. Shipping is free both ways, including the returns of unwanted items. Frank & Oak says, "Ordering a Hunt Club Crate lets you check the fit and explore new styles." We say: sign us up.

Now that EDGE has done the homework, hit your Bookmarks tab for when you’re ready to teach your old wardrobe new tricks.

Mac Smith Mac Smith is a New York City based fashion writer who has never met a cat, coat or cake he didn't love. Follow him on Instagram at @macsmith1218 and Twitter at @itcantallbedior.


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