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Bloomfield Farms :: Barn Door’s Open for Weddings & Events

Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Bloomfield Farms in Petaluma, an organic farming business and stunning weekend getaway for owners Michael Agins and husband Robert Hanson, is now opening its barn doors for weddings and events to the LGBT community.

"Sonoma County is a premier wedding and event destination for good reason," said Agins, "and we want to offer a premier venue to same sex couples and LGBT organizations, a place where they are not just accepted, but truly celebrated, a 113 acre private paradise."

Agins and Hanson founded Bloomfield Farms in 2001. The couple wanted to have a place to retreat from the daily grind of their urban focused lives. Having grown up in the North Bay, they decided to look for land in Petaluma, about an hour away from their permanent residence in San Francisco.

The 113-acre property was larger than they were looking for and needed more infrastructure work than they were hoping to do, yet it offered exceptional views beyond their expectations and had that "special something" hard to quantify.

Initially, the idea was to clean up the property, do some light farming and establish a modest presence in the community. After more than a dozen years, they have accomplished that, and then some. Bloomfield Farms has developed an organic produce business, raises livestock, and has now become an event destination for weddings and retreats.

In 2014, Bloomfield Farms will be offering a premium community supported agriculture (CSA) membership, which will include bi-monthly deliveries of fresh heirloom produce, processed foods, recipes and special harvest dinners for members only. In addition to the CSA offering, Bloomfield Farms produce is featured in several fine restaurants around the Bay Area.

The combined skills of Hanson's background in business and marketing and Agins' in interior design and real estate development have made Bloomfield Farms the special place it is today.

Hanson’s background and structured approach to business and marketing helped keep the focus where it needed to be while Agins’ eye for interior design and real estate development has resulted in a property that has a balanced combination of attributes.

Features include an historic barn renovation, dramatic views of the coastal mountains, refined landscaping, beautifully appointed tent cabins, outdoor showers, a hot tub and bocce court. With gorgeous antiques placed throughout, this fusion of the authentic west county look and the refined design experience has come to characterize the essence of Bloomfield Farms.

Caley Morrison, a native of New Zealand, has been appointed as the new Director of Operations. Morrison is a world-class horse trainer and competitor as well as an experienced land manager. He brings years of animal husbandry skills and a keen understanding of the organic slow food movement.

Committed to fitness, healthy living and sustainability, Morrison is an ideal representative for Bloomfield Farms, exemplifying its, quality, authenticity, style and serenity.

Agins, Hanson and Morrison are all active members of the LGBT community and are proud to support the causes that affect their local and greater communities. They enthusiastically welcome same sex couples to commit themselves to each other at the farm and share in the unique experience that they have created together.

Bloomfield Farms is currently booking weddings and events for 2014.
4707 Bloomfield Road
Petaluma, CA ?94952?


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