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Fluff Your Basket: 6 Easter Makeovers

by Courtney  Lake
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Apr 7, 2014

Waking up Easter morning and running down the stairs to find the enormous Easter basket left by the "Easter Bunny" is a rite of passage that children across America have come to love.

However, what happens when you are old enough to realize that the bunny suits are now being worn by furries and your taste buds recoil at the thought of eating a Peep? Growing up doesn't mean forgoing your Easter basket, but it does mean swapping out the contents for things that are a little more adult appropriate.

Swap Out Plastic Grass for a Beautiful Bouquet

Floral company, Flower Muse's Rose + Ranunculus package is the perfect way to celebrate Easter and the arrival of springtime! The package comes packed with 72 roses and 30 ranunculus and step-by-step instructions to create a variety of beautiful arrangements.

Even the most floral-challenged of us can make it happen with this special package. The part I absolutely love - you can customize the color of roses and ranunculus (choose up to three different rose colors and three different ranunculus colors) according to your personal taste. Ummm... hello color coordination!

Swap Out Fake Plastic Eggs for Faux-Bois Plates

Faux bois place settings have never made being fake look so good! Faux Bois is the French term meaning "false wood."

These beautifully made transfer ware dishes are made in England and Sveback states that it takes 12 people to finish each piece of pottery, so natural variations are to be expected. Sveback, a regular television contributor suggests pairing the pieces with jadeite for the perfect Easter brunch place setting.

Swap Out Pillowy Peeps for a Real Plush Pillow & Bedding

Kick those marshmallow space fillers to the curb and go for something just as soft and comforting. Bedding company Crane and Canopy makes affordable decorative pillows, throws and bedding that won’t break the bank but will definitely look like they did.

Three hundred-thread count, sateen sheets and a lux weave all set their bedding apart, but it’s the awesome mix of colors and patterns that really elevate their product and make it perfect to include in your Spring Easter basket!

Swap Out Jellybeans for a Vitamin C Facial

Did you know that binging on sugar could cause your skin to look dull and listless? So toss those jellybeans in the trash and grab these vitamin C capsules from organic cosmetic company Marie Veronique instead.

Spread one of the Pacific Topical Vitamin C Treatment capsules on your face to rejuvenate tired skin and fight wrinkles. The treatment can be used alone or in combination with the company’s other organic skin treatments.

Swap Out Cartoon Characters for a Collectible Illustration

Trade those cartoon characters that seem to adorn every product around Easter with something a little bit more adult. Lisa Congdon, a highly sought after lesbian illustrator and artist in the San Francisco/Bay Area enlivens her line drawings and mixed media collages with vivid colors.

Whether she is doing abstracts, portraits of feminist rabble rousers or her quirky penmanship pieces, Congdon’s work - while whimsical - is never juvenile and fits perfectly into that gallery wall you have been aching to put up.

Swap Out the Basket... for a Basket

Since we are totally refining the Easter basket, why don’t we just do away with it as well in lieu of a more attractive basket? Something useful. Something that doesn’t look as though it belonged to Little Red Riding Hood. Something like this decorative seagrass basket from heartthrob and design darling Nate Berkus for Target.

Simple enough to go in any room but stylish enough that it can sit out on its own. This basket is perfect for rounding up all your other Easter goods or sitting by the door to gather shoes. Personally, we prefer the goodies.

Courtney Lake owns the San Francisco-based boutique interior design firm, Monogram D├ęcor, and is the voice behind the popular lifestyle blog, Courtney Out Loud.


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