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After Complaints, Grindr Removes 'T' From its New 'Gaymojis'

Friday Mar 17, 2017

The gay hookup app Grindr released its own version of emojis - dubbed by some as "gaymojis" (think: an array of a eggplants)- which seemed to go over pretty well with users. Except for the "T" emoji.

While users can flirt with potential hookups by using images to reference their kinks and sexual preferences (or even tell off other users), some took issue with the capital "T" emoji. Some users, including Jezebel writer Rich Juzwiak, took it to mean it stood for "Tina," slang for crystal meth.

He wasn't the only one who though that. BuzzFeed pointed to other tweets of people taking issue with the "T" gaymoji.

"Grindr has a capital T emoji on their app now?" one user tweeted. "Ya'll sissies need Jesus."

"Grindr now has a meth emoji," another wrote.

One Twitter user even put up a poll, asking if the "T" emoji stood for "Trans," "Meth," "Tea," or "...girl idk it's a mess." Meth came in second with 35%. (Of course, "....girl idk it's a mess" placed first.)

After removing the "T" from the keyboard, Grindr officials gave a statement to BuzzFeed, explaining the "T," which was next to the capital "D" emoji on the keyboard, was supposed to be paired with "D."

"The 'T' Gaymoji was intended to follow the 'D' and resemble the acronym 'DT,' also known as 'down to' followed by whatever it is that the user is down to 'do'," the statement read.

The statement also said Grindr revised the "DT" gaymoji, which will be included in the app's next update.


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