March 8 Marks International Women’s Day

by Winnie McCroy
EDGE Editor
Thursday Mar 6, 2014

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, and across the nation, women’s groups are holding public events and actions of solidarity against attacks on women’s rights, including reproductive rights, domestic violence and sexual assault.

International Women’s Day was first marked on March 8, 1914 in Germany, when women protested for the right to vote. Since then, it has remained the national day of action for women across the world, but in the United States, it was largely overshadowed by Mother’s Day. Now, U.S. women are promoting the event in an effort to revive both the celebration and the dedication to fighting for women’s issues.

The group WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) will hold events across the country to demand that charges against Marissa Alexander be dropped. Alexander is a 33-year-old African American woman, mother and survivor of domestic violence. Under mandatory minimum sentencing laws, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for defending herself against an abuser in Florida.

Though the judge threw out the original sentence, Alexander is still being prosecuted, and State Prosecutor Angela Corey has announced she intends to seek a 60-year sentence. WORD demands that all charges against Alexander be dropped, saying, "We must stand with Marissa, demand her freedom, and fight to end all forms of violence against women!"

WORD is concerned about the passage of a number of anti-choice laws in the past three years, preventing women in many places from getting a safe and legal abortion.

"The right-wing campaign is trying to chip away at the rights won by the Roe v Wade decision," writes WORD. "They were defeated in Albuquerque in November but have been successful in other states and have introduced new legislation that will be considered this year in North Dakota, Ohio and elsewhere."

In response, WORD is planning a day of protest and celebration in cities including Albuquerque, New Mexico; New Haven, Connecticut; New Paltz, New York; New York City, New York; Syracuse, New York; Los Angeles, California; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

For more information, visit www.DefendWomensRights.org.

Intl. Women’s Day Breakfast in Cape Cod

On Friday, March 7, the Cape Women’s Coalition will host an International Women’s Day Breakfast at the DoubleTree by Hilton near Hyannis. The group, which helps demolish barriers to women’s full and equal participation in the civic life of Barnstable Country, will feature a video address from Senator Elizabeth Warren, plus guests State Representative Sarah Peake, Ruth Provost and others. The event is free; donations welcome.

To RSVP, visit http://www.evite.com/l/5hZx9R45KW

Seattle’s Kultur Shock Concert

On March 8, Seattle’s Kultur Shock will team up with the high-proof Eastern bloc party Bucharest Drinking Team for a concert to promote International Women’s Day. Kultur Shock will showcase their formidable women’s component, featuring the showmanship and performances of saxophonist Amy Denio and violinist Paris Hurley, The fifteen-member Bucharest Drinking Team also highlights female leadership and creativity, with the incomparable "Coach" Marchette DuBois and another half-dozen solid women performers. The event will be held at Chop Suey, 1325 E. Madison Street in Seattle.

For more information, visit http://www.kulturshock.com/news/post/international-women-s-day-celebration


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