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Miley Cyrus Releases Free Single About Lesbian Sex

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 5
Singing, "I want you to bang my box," Miley Cyrus has released a new single about having Sapphic sex. And luckily for the lesbians, it's a free download, so it won't cut into that huge cat food budget.

Digital Series 'Jillian's Peak' Launches LGBT Multimedia Network

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 4
Charzette Torrence is creating an entire multimedia premium cable channel for the LGBT community, with an East Coast bent. Enter JLK Multimedia Entertainment Worldwide, with their first series to be "Jillian's Peak."

Lesbian Couple Stands Up to Kim Davis

Sep 3
The day before, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis refused her a license to marry Karen Roberts, her partner for more than a decade. Rather than comply with the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, the Apostolic Christian has invoked "God's Authority"

Nearly Naked Feminists' Viral Video Protests Fashion's 'Photoshop Fakeness'

Sep 2
Creators of the anti-sexism viral hit "Potty-Mouth Princesses" have teamed up with women of different ages, shapes, sizes and colors who strip down to highlight fashion's body-shaming beauty standards.

A Hot Flash for Lesbians, in National Menopause Month

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 1
Dr. Alyssa Dweck talks frankly about menopause, how it affects lesbians, and what you can do to ease the symptoms.

Chamilia Releases the Give Back Breast Cancer Gift Set

By EDGE | Sep 1
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chamilia announced that it again will donate a portion of each purchase from its "Give Back: Breast Cancer" gift set to the American Cancer Society.

The Women's Weekender: Big Bags for Any Occasion

By Matthew Wexler | Aug 31
Whether you're headed out of town for a weekend getaway or need an extra roomy, back-to-school bag, EDGE has discovered two brands to keep you packin' in style.

3 Generations of Swedish Family Linked by Single Womb

By Maria Cheng | Aug 28
For one family in Sweden, a pioneering procedure has led to a baby being born from the same womb that nurtured the child's mother, uniting three generations.

Can NYC Mayor Stop Topless Women in Times Square?

Aug 27
Is a topless woman in a public place not "family friendly?" Critics of the women say they harass tourists for tips and are ruining the now-family-friendly landmark. But women site the law that this freedom of expression is their constitutional right.

Wine Train Issues Apology to Booted Black Women

By Kristin J. Bender | Aug 26
The Napa Valley Wine Train issued an apology Tuesday to a book club that includes mostly black women who said they were booted from a tasting tour because of their race.

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