San Francisco Pride Party Wants You to REACH

by Jim Hauck
Friday Jun 15, 2012

San Francisco, the often-considered gay capital of the US, is a destination for thousands of people from around the world, especially for Pride. This year an exciting new event has arrived on the scene to celebrate Pride: REACH SF Pride T-Dance.

The Juice Box Presents (yes, that's me!) is giving life to their vision of high-spirited dance floor bliss. REACH, an official SF Pride Event, is taking place at Club Mighty, located just a few minutes' walk from the San Francisco Civic Center celebrations. The party will run from 5 p.m. to midnight on Sunday, June 26, right after the parade. A global dream team of talent, including local San Francisco DJs Brian Maier and Steve Sherwood and U.K. DJ/producers Andy Almighty and Wayne G will drive an uplifting journey of vocal anthems.

Searching for the perfect home for REACH SF Pride T-Dance in San Francisco took a little time, thought and discussion for Juice Box Presents co-owners Jim Hauck (myself) and Steve Mueller. Mighty was chosen because of the popular interest it has in both the Burning Man and gay communities.

Voted in 2011 as "Best Place for a Late Night Dance Party" and in 2010 as "Best Dance Club" on SFGate's Best of the Bay list, Mighty boasts an urban industrial warehouse feeling with creative design and artwork. The final deciding factor was the Richard Long & Associates' sound system. Originally located at 177 Townsend -- home to the infamous Club Universe -- the sound system has been restored to pack an amazing punch of sound, with warm rich tones, deep bass and a full spectrum of aural delights. The sound system will showcase the uplifting anthems and DJ talent like no other system.

The DJ line up was also carefully chosen for the event. "REACH is going to be an excellent showcase of local and world-renowned DJs that know how to drive a crowd," says Brian Maier, who will be spinning electro House. "What a treat," he added. "This is tip top talent we have for this event."

Adding to the line up, DJ Steve Sherwood returns to the local Pride spotlight after his opening appearance at the 2010 Cherry Disco party. Known for his residency at Bearracuda and Lookout, Steve will kick off the night with his addictive brand of progressive hits.

Handing off from Steve, DJ/producer Andy Almighty (7th Heaven and Club Junkies) returns to San Francisco following his last appearance in 2009 at the Past Curfew Production PLAY T-Dance. Andy is legendary for his remixes of new music and classics, vocals and anthems, encouraging everyone to get out on the dance floor and put their hands up.

Andy will hand off to another great DJ/producer, Wayne G, in a rare U.S. joint appearance. Sharing enthusiasm and a great friendship, the non-stop energy will continue into the night with Wayne's epic anthems and infectious dance floor energy.

Steve Mueller and Jim Hauck both agreed that no party is complete without great lighting and visuals. It was critical to get the Laseronics team, under the direction of Kyle Garner, for this party. Laseronics is no stranger to the gay dance scene or San Francisco. "The promise of uplifting vocal anthems" is what excites them about being part of REACH, Kyle said, as well as a chance to show bright colorful lasers.

A new addition to the gay dance landscape is the visuals team of Sexy Visuals. The guys at Sexy Visuals have written a proprietary software program that ties into the sound system and provides unique graphic imagery.

Lasers, visuals, and amazing music: This is the vision the Juice Box Presents brings to this party. Add a hot and sexy crowd of revelers ready to celebrate their pride, and you have the perfect combination for a brand new San Francisco dance experience.

To top to it off and wrap it all together, with a belief in giving back to the community, the Juice Box Presents team is donating a portion of their proceeds to the GLBT Historical Society. What more could you ask for?

More information about REACH San Francisco Pride T-Dance and a link out to Eventbrite ticketing can be found at the Juice Box website.


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