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2 More Gay Men Attacked in Dallas Gayborhood

Wednesday Nov 4, 2015

After police said last month that they were going to ramp up security in the Dallas gay neighborhood of Oak Lawns following a series of attacks that occurred in the area since September, two more gay men have been assaulted.

The men were attacked and robbed at gunpoint early Monday morning, making the number of attacks in the Oak Lawn area to 11 since September, according to New Now Next. The victims of the assaults which were separate incidents, said their attackers threatened to kill them.

The men spoke with local news station Fox 4, and Sean Gonzalez said he had no time to react when the two suspects approached him in an alley around 1 a.m.

"The next thing I know the other guy is taking things out of my pockets," Gonzalez told Fox 4. "My eyes are closed. I have no clue what's going to happen next...the guy takes everything out of my pockets. I get knocked on the ground and they just start kicking me."

He said the men kicked him and ran away.

Michael Redman, the other man attacked Monday morning, told the news station a man threatened to kill him during the attack, which reportedly occurred an hour after Gonzalez's incident.

"When I turned back around, he was right up against my face, literally just right there," Redman, who was leaving a bar to his car, told Fox 4. "He held me up against my door and kept demanding my car keys."

Redman said his attacker hurled gay slurs during the assault. His friends said they saw a female assailant.

"I don't know where she came from," Redman said. "I didn't even see her. I didn't have time to see her and she's already in my car in the passenger seat with the door open, telling us, 'Don't make it obvious, don't make it obvious.'"

It was reported last month that local police were searching for the suspect, or suspects, behind the spate of attacks in the Oak Lawns area. The incidents all involved gay men: in one incident, a man was beaten by a baseball bat and in another, the victim was stabbed.

The incidents usually occur after men leave local gay bars and clubs.

New Now Next reports that after the two attacks Monday authorities are now awarding $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest.


  • Norm, 2015-11-04 17:21:23

    Gays-just start packing heat and blow the bastards away!

  • patroy, 2015-11-06 20:55:04

    I would be one gay man these fucktards would regret coming up against! They would be snacking on their teeth and concrete when I was done with them!

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