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Watch: Fox News' Guy Benson's Vid About Being Gay, Christian & Conservative Goes Viral

Tuesday Jan 23, 2018
Guy Benson
Guy Benson  (Source:YouTube Still via PragerU)

Fox News contributor Guy Benson released a video Monday for the conservative digital media organization PragerU in which he complains about the unfair treatment he gets for being an openly gay Christian and conservative.

After explaining he feels more defined by his values than his sexuality, he says his being gay is only part of his political beliefs but "not the totality of who I am."

"Some unimaginative leftists like to claim this qualifies me as a 'self-hating gay person,'" Benson goes on to say. "This is so boring. That intellectual laziness only underscores my point.

"Far too often people are sorted by their gender or their skin color or their sexual orientation...that has nothing to do with ideas or values," he says.

Later in the video, he goes on to laud the LGBTQ rights activists "who've paved the way for people like me. People who had it much harder than I do and people who likely wouldn't share my politics. I am genuinely grateful to them. but it's a new era now: why ostracize members of our community who don't toe the left-wing political line?"

After being posted on Jan. 22, his YouTube video has gone on to earn over 280,000 views.

Benson went on Fox News Tuesday and discussed his video.

"Sometimes as a gay conservative...I feel almost like I'm being asked by people to justify my existence," he said. "Just because I happen to be gay doesn't mean i have to prioritize gay rights issues as my number one issue all the time. I don't. I care about shrinking the size of the government keeping America safe and strong. I'm pro life."

He later added that his sexual orientation should be "irrelevant" and that he didn't make the video "to tell people, 'Oh my gosh I'm gay!'"

Watch both Benson's video and a clip from his appearance discussing it on Fox News.

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