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Chelsea Square Diner

368 West 23rd Street
New York City New York 10011

"Chelsea Square manages to be both roomy and cozy, with wooden archways dividing the rows of booths, and each booth adorned with hanging, potted fake plants. The architecture, which allows some semblance of privacy, contains a wide mix: Older couples easing into a late dinner, giddy F.I.T. students, and spent club-hoppers winding down for the night. Appropriately, the music is quiet and the menu enormous-laminated colored pages offer twenty different omelettes, for example. The food is traditional diner fare, with predictable forays among Greek and Italian favorites, like eggplant parmigiana and moussaka. The triple-decker sandwiches are suitably enormous, and the burgers well stacked. Plus, it’s open around the clock. For a local diner, that’s often enough." - Krissa Corbett Cavouras, New York Magazine Restaurant Guide