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Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, And The Manhunt To Bring The Killers To Justice

by Lukas Akerley
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Jun 23, 2012
Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, And The Manhunt To Bring The Killers To Justice

Written by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway, Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice is a true crime novel about the brutal murder of Bryan Kocis.

Stoner and Conway chronicle the lives of key players involved with the gruesome killing of Kocis, including Kocis and perpetrators Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes. Caught in the center of the action are porn superstar Brent Corrigan and his partner Grant Roy.

Former military men Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes (and lovers) worked as hustlers in Virginia Beach. In the spirit of free enterprise (i.e. a thirst for more money and power), Cuadra and Kerekes turned to the booming field of pornography. With an opportunity to collaborate with Brent Corrigan - a move which would certainly help them make it to the big leagues. Only one man stood in their way - Bryan Kocis.

Harlow Cuadra  

The non-fiction book reads like the TV show "20/20" or one of the other network TV true-life murder mystery shows. Setting the scene in a small Pennsylvania "nothing ever happens here" town, the book opens with the gory details of Kocis’ death: he suffered twenty-eight stab wounds and a slash across his throat. His house and body were then set on fire.

Cobra Killers details the separate lives of Kocis, Cuadra, Kerekes, and Brent Corrigan (birth name is Sean Lockhart) from when they were young boys to men and how they all ended up in the field of pornography while also offering an inside look at the billion dollar a year industry.

The book is well researched using a variety of sources such as newspaper articles, police and investigator reports, public records including the trial proceedings, and even online blogs.

Brent Corrigan  

By weaving in first-hand accounts from neighbors, first responders, lawyers, as well as the personal blogs of Cuadra and Kerekes, authors Stoner and Conway are able to connect seemingly spacious dots and tell a fascinating story that stretches from coast to coast through different perspectives. Using a vast amount of resources, the book describes events that preceded the murder, the murder itself, the massive manhunt for the killers, as well as the trial and its aftermath.

At first, the book is written somewhat non-sequential; it is easy to become confused with a jumpy timeline. Stoner and Conway are able to tie plotlines together and the haphazard sequences of the book make sense. This book is not only jam packed with information and facts about the case it is a fascinating read for those unfamiliar with the case. It is also a great resource for those who have been following the case since news of Bryan’s death broke in 2007.


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