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Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories

by Christopher Verleger
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Dec 10, 2018
Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories

The only thing better than spending quality time with your family during the holiday season is romance, and there's plenty to go around thanks to author Joe Cosentino's enchanting trilogy, "The Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories."

The passionate saga of this star-crossed pair begins with the first installment, "A Home for the Holidays," when distant cousins Bobby McGrath and Paolo Mascobello first meet in Capri and sparks fly. Bobby is on holiday break from law school, while the philandering Paolo designs men's clothing in secret. The two soon realize they have more than just their family tree in common and overcome several obstacles to make a life together back in the States.

In the second book, "The Perfect Gift," Bobby wants to tie the knot on Christmas Eve, unlike Paolo who isn't in any major rush. After they agree to marry, Bobby's meddling mother plans a gala affair against Paolo's wishes, which only causes tension between the grooms. When Bobby's pro bono case goes haywire, the engaged couple casts all strain aside and decides to approach their impending nuptials differently, and to everyone's benefit.

A year later, during a visit to the hospital where Bobby's father is recovering from an illness, the two become acquainted with an orphan boy, Geoffrey, who changes their lives forever.

In book three, "The First Noel," Bobby and Paolo are at risk of losing Geoffrey when his presumed-dead mother surfaces and sues for custody. Meanwhile, Paolo is busy launching his own clothing line with the endorsement of a professional athlete, Noel, who uses his good looks and charm to investigate the anti-gay lawyer representing Geoffrey's mother.

The adventures of Bobby and Paolo are equally entertaining and intriguing, but at the core is a couple dedicated to each other, which is precisely what makes this collection so special and the pair so likable. Despite whatever the latest dramatic development in their lives may be, Bobby and Paolo - and Geoffrey - are a family, and their actions help us remember what is most important.

It would be criminal if I failed to mention Jared, Bobby's wisecracking, oversexed associate, who helps lighten the mood whenever the atmosphere demands it. Jared also has an affection for Geoffrey that proves invaluable and shows that he's not all just brass and sass.

In the true spirit of Christmas, "The Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories" are delightful tales about love, family, friendship and togetherness.

"The Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories"
By Joe Cosentino

Chris is a voracious reader and unapologetic theater geek from Narragansett, Rhode Island.


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