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Watch: E! News Host Asks Olympian Adam Rippon On a Date During Live Interview

Friday Mar 16, 2018
Justin Sylvester, left, interviews Adam Rippon, right, on E! News.
Justin Sylvester, left, interviews Adam Rippon, right, on E! News.  (Source:YouTube Still via E! News)

Though his heart may be with Reese Witherspoon, it's really no surprise that everyone wants to go out on a date with figure skater Adam Rippon.

Just days after Sam Greisman, Sally Field's son, met his Olympic crush, a host for E! News decided to ask Rippon out on a date - on live TV.

During the interview, Justin Sylvester decided to take his shot with Rippon. The skater was asked about his mom warning him about "sexting," referring to a tweet Rippon made. After that, Sylvester asked Rippon if he's dating anyone.

"Um, I'm not," he said. "I've been like so busy that... If there's anyone out there, let me know. [But] I've been so busy that I haven't really had time - focusing on ready for ready for the Olympics it's just been a whirlwind after that."

As Rippon was speaking, the camera zoomed in on Sylvester who popped the question:

"So I'm going to throw this out there: When you come to L.A. I want to take you out on a date," he said, causing one of his coworkers to shriek. "And [we can] grab drinks - your choice or I can show you my L.A. and we can just kick it!"

"Wow, I love it. I love to just kick it," Rippon responded as the E! host reporters cheered.

"Do you accept this rose," another cohost said, referring to "The Bachelor." Moments later, the skater pulled out a rose.

"Can you just make sure you wear your Oscars outfit?" one E! News reporter chimed in, referring to Rippon's controversial harness he wore to the event.

"No shirt this time!" the other host yelled.

"I carry it around with me at all times incase there's some formal function to go to or the grocery store," Rippon joked.

Sylvester concluded the interview by saying he will get the skater's number from his producers and they "will go on that date."

Watch the hilarious clip below.

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