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Watch: Kathy Griffin Explains the Difference Between 'Straight' Lies and 'Gay' Lies

Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin  (Source:YouTube Still)

Kathy Griffin shared a video on YouTube Saturday, explaining the difference between "straight" lies and "gay" lies.

In the clip's description, the comedian writes: "One of the non-political topics I talk about on my tour is the difference between straight lies and gay lies."

In the video itself, Griffin is seen sitting in an arm chair as she's delivering the joke.

"I have learned over all these years that there is a difference between heterosexual lies and gay lies," she says. "Sorry but I've lived it!"

Griffin goes on to say a "heterosexual" lie is "short and boring." She sets up a scenario in which a straight man is late for work.

"He says he got a flat tire. The truth is he overslept," she says. "A gay guy is late for work and it's gotta be fabulous. So instead, it's, 'Oh girl, I was up all night. I went to Rage...It's packed. Who walks in? Chris Hemsworth, in a thong, gets on the bar and starts dancing for 20 minutes and he's like winking at guys and is greased up."

Griffin goes on and on and on, later adding that when you "press a gay liar" they eventually turn it around and say, "You know what? I don't want to get into it with you."

Watch the clip below.

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