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Watch: 'Teen Wolf' Star Charlie Carver Opens Up About How Gay Dad Helped Him Come Out

Tuesday Jun 19, 2018
Actor Charlie Carver speaks with Entertainment Weekly.
Actor Charlie Carver speaks with Entertainment Weekly.  (Source:YouTube Still via Entertainment Weekly)

To honor Pride month, out actor Charlie Carver is opening up about having a father who is gay and how that shaped his own coming out.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly for Pride Month, the "Teen Wolf" and "The Leftovers" star talks about having a twin brother, learning why his parents divorced at age 11 and more.

Carver explains that it helped that he had a twin brother - Max Carver, who is also an actor - so he could see "how he and I were different," adding that he "couldn't put a finger on" how they were different because "that language wasn't available to me yet."

"I loved putting on dresses and my mom's makeup and he didn't. I just knew he and I were individuating," he said.

Carver goes on to share that when he was around 11 years old he found out why his parents divorced.

"My dad decided to keep that information from my brother and I until he thought we were old enough to really understand it," the "When We Rise" actor told EW. "That's when he came out to us as gay, which was complicated."

Carver says his father came out to him right before a "near fatal plane crash."

"The whole nine yards; I mean the oxygen things coming down, the emergency lights and that sound of air going through the engine," he said, later adding that he was initially "afraid" of his father's sexuality and how that would "somehow mark me as different."

"That was when I started to realize and be able to actually pinpoint why I too had felt different for so long," Carver said, going on to say that he struggled with his identity for the next year and attempted to "reinvent" himself.

"That didn't work out too well," he told EW. "I still love sports and all of these masculine tropes that I was trying to put on at that point in time but I tried really hard - like I only wore sports jerseys and memorized stats I didn't give a shit about."

Carver says in high school he didn't "identify as anything," but his classmates knew he was "checking out guys and girls."

"Then at 17 - I mean the thing is I had a gay dad and he already knew; there was like a look and you know coded language but that gave way to just sort of him asking about whether or not I thought I might like men or women and we talked about it that way," he said. "My twin brother also always knew and when I told him at 17, he went, 'Duh. I've been waiting for awhile.' "

Watch the full interview with Carver below.

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