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Gay Porn Star Michael Lucas Says He's Retiring, Denies Writing Tell-All Book

Friday Jan 4, 2019

Earlier this week Page Six ran a story about gay porn star Michael Lucas, in which his (now former) publicist claimed he was retiring in 2020 and that he'd go out with a bang: Publishing a tell-all memoir, naming his celebrity clients. But that's not totally true, according to Lucas.

After the article was published, the performer contacted the newspaper and told them the publicist was not telling the truth.

"The story that ran today and attributed to me by my former publicist is absolutely false," Lucas, the owner of the New York-based gay porn studio Lucas Entertainment, told Page Six in an email. "What is true is that I'm planning to retire in 2020. What is absolutely false is that I would ever write or consider writing a 'tell all' book and naming names of my clients.

"I consider that relationship sacred and I would never violate their confidence or my integrity. Period," he added. "I have nothing but the greatest respect and gratitude for the people who trusted me with their most intimate secrets and I will take those secrets to the grave."

Lucas also said he fired the rep over the blunder and even threatened legal action against the PR firm Project Publicity.

Nevertheless, the company says Lucas agreed to their pitch, according to Page Six.

"He verbally agreed to the pitch... He'll agree to run an item in the press that he knows will get people talking and then pull back and play the victim," the company told the newspaper. "He irritates so many people with his drama," the spokesperson said.

The now-fired rep originally told Page Six Lucas was going looking to "publish a juicy autobiography that will include a steamy chapter about a few top Hollywood celebs who paid him to have sex with them when he was an escort in the late '90s."

Lucas also took to Twitter to offer a statement.


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