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Mentally Ill Man Buys Gun at WalMart, Intending to Open Fire There

A mentally ill man, released from multiple institutions, walks into a WalMart and buys an assault weapon with the intent to opening fire in that very store. His parents find a receipt for the gun just in time.

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  • MissAlteredStates, 2013-06-14 11:06:43

    Why has EDGE ’targeted’ a person with a mental illness: a shirtless man with a caring family named Blake? Is there information about his sexual orientation that applies to LGBT press coverage? Yes, Blake’s story is a terrible situation avoiding a dooms day outcome. His initial plan was "suicide by cop." There were so many warning signs and a disgrace he slipped through the cracks ending up in criminal justice system rather than treatment. t shines a light on gun control registries listing people with a history of mental health treatment and/or a mental illness diagnosis causing people not to seek voluntary treatment; access to effective and affordable early intervention mental health treatment; lack of parity for behavioral health treatment with medical treatment; People with a mental illness are less violent than general population and have higher rates of being victim of violence. A registry of people living with mental health conditions would infringe upon human rights. We need to focus on the fact that suicide is an EMERGENCY in LGBT communities, not only youth, rather ALL generations. With help there is hope and LGBT people, communities, organizations and health providers have turned collective backs on adult and older adult LGBT at-risk of death by suicide. I applaud The Trevor Project for LGBT youth and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for all generations. 1-800-273-TALK. I challenge EDGE to cover stories of hope and recovery from the perspective of suicide attempt survivors. As a proud gay man living with a mental illness - Bipolar II, HIV+ since testing in 1988, in recovery from addictions, a suicide attempt and loss survivor, etc... it hurts when LGBT press and peers oppress another group of people lower on totem pole of discrimination. I could not be gay in mental health treatment or crazy in gay culture. It was a duality of identities complicated by public misunderstanding, discrimination and unrealistic stigma faced by people feared by ignorance in society. Recovery is happening in my journey aided by treatment, community acceptance in addition to starting an LGBT Mental Health Peer-Run Support Group in Philadelphia called the Pink & Blues; www.PinkandBlues.info Similar groups need to be made available across the country. Copies are suicide attempt survivors making a difference as members of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Suicide Attempt Survivor Task Force. We matter and count! Mark A. Davis madpride@ymail.com

  • GAG'EM, 2013-06-16 23:22:09

    Simple solution. Walmart should hand out guns to all shoppers as they enter the store so they can defend themselves in case anyone decides to open fire in the store. This is the sensible way to approach the problem; not depriving Americans of their Constitutional right to arm themselves as freedom-hating liberals would suggest.

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