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Watch: Gorton's Enlists Hunky Mermen to Sell Seafood

Friday Apr 13, 2018
A clip from a Gorton's ad.
A clip from a Gorton's ad.  (Source:YouTube Still)

The Massachusetts-based frozen seafood company Gorton's of Gloucester is spicing up its marketing by enlisting the help of some hunky mermen.

The company, known for its fish sticks and other frozen seafood delights, is changing things up this year and is using shirtless mermen in a bunch of its ads as well as Poseidon - king of the ocean.

In a hilarious Instagram post from last month, Poseidon is quoted as saying:

"I'll admit, I can be a little demanding at times. Ever since I was a young Prince of the Ocean racing my seahorse on the coral reefs, I've insisted on Gorton's. I have my pick of anything under the sea, and I always come back to those crunchy, wild-caught fish sticks. I love them!"

Other Gorton's videos allow fans to get to know the "mer-bros," which can be viewed below.

The company was founded in 1849 before being sold to Nippon Susian, Inc. a subsidiary of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, a Japanese seafood conglomerate.

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