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Premium Rush

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Dec 21, 2012
Premium Rush

An entire movie was made based on NYC bike messengers? You'd better believe it. And while the plot of the new Blu-ray "Premium Rush" is pretty slim, it's a somewhat enjoyable ride; all puns intended.

"Premium Rush" has all the requisite elements a typical thriller should have: the sweet and charming Good Guy (the ubiquitous Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the evil Bad Guy (Michael Shannon), the beautiful Love Interest (Dania Ramirez), and the Person Caught in the Middle (Jamie Chung).

Gordon-Levitt, of course, is tailor-made in his role as Wilee, an agile and responsible bike messenger sent out for his last assignment in NYC on a "premium rush"...bike messenger slang for it better get there ASAP! Little does Wilee know that this secretive rushed assignment could cost him his life.

Sequences of the bike messengers riding the crazed streets of NYC are the best thing about "Premium Rush," an 84-minute breezy tale that would've worked a bit better if the film stayed in the city of the Big Apple. When a back story involves how a young Chinese boy will gain passage to the U.S., the movie falls apart. But Gordon-Levitt further proves why he's the "it" guy of the movie industry at the moment, and Shannon makes a good slime-ball thug.

Two semi-interesting special features are basic behind-the-scenes examinations:

"The Starting Line: Meet the Cast" is cast and crew interviews.

"Behind the Wheels: Action, Stunts, and Chases" shows how the thrilling and dangerous bike stunts were performed.

"Premium Rush"

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