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Silent Hill

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jul 9, 2019
Silent Hill

A horror film that's seen quite a bit of home entertainment releases over the years finally gets its long overdue Collector's Edition treatment. "Silent Hill" came out in 2006 and in the thirteen years since its release, the horror genre has changed somewhat. It isn't often that a horror film gets its concept from an action video game.

That's exactly what "Silent Hill" is: a horror film adapted from a game. The slim story features a mother (Radha Mitchell) who takes her daughter Sharon (Laurie Holden) to the fictional town in the film's title. After Sharon disappears, her mother desperately tries to find her and becomes pursued by the ghosts of Silent Hill.

With CGI creatures and an overblown running time at 125 minutes, "Silent Hill" starts out fun, but crashes and burns at around the hour mark.

The overabundance of special features on Shout Factory's Blu-ray will be good news for fans, and some get carried over from prior releases. But there are five brand new ones to enjoy:

"Audio Commentary" — cinematographer Dan Lausten talks about the filming experience of "Silent Hill"

"A Tale of Two Jodelles" — an interview with actress Jodelle Ferland

"Dance of the Pyramid" — an interview with actor Roberto Campanella

There are also new interviews with director Christophe Gans and makeup-effects artist Paul Jones.

"Silent Hill"

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