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Camila Cabello

by JC Alvarez
Friday Jan 12, 2018
Camila Cabello

Setting out on her own and away from the girl group glare of Fifth Harmony Camila Cabello settles on a sound that is authentic onto her own roots and sensibility, even if the vocals aren't particularly spectacular, the best part about the self-titled, full-length offering "Camila Cabello" is that it doesn't sound anything like her former pop hits. The South Florida native made a very dramatic exit from her reality-competition manufactured band, which was the brainchild of "X-Factor" judge Simon Cowell.

Though she took to social media to dispute her "abandonment" of the group (which has remained intact as a quartet), Cabello insists that her exit had always been an intended part of the plan. Her pursuit of her own solo projects was never kept secret. The artist recorded and collaborated outside of Fifth Harmony often, and her Billboard charting single "Bad Things" solidified her place in the Top Ten as a solo act. Immediately paving her path, Camila went to work on her debut album, and the result is an engaging blend of Neo-Pop, Caribbean and Afro-Cuban influences.

On "Camila" you can feel that the restraints have been lifted and Cabello is been allowed to explore her own musicality more maturely. She's credited as co-written every one of the album's 11 tracks, including the delightfully sensual "Havana" featuring Young Thug. The single is a sure-fire hit that instantly establishes Cabello's fierceness from the establishment of pop confection appearing on the scene.

Though her vocals aren't necessarily awe-inspiring, Cabello has the breathy heat and even-temper that is unequivocally "pop" she capitalizes on her ability to truly deliver some unforgettable hooks. She does allow a glorious amount of emotion to expose itself on the ballad "Consequences," which is a stripped down lyrical exploration that pulls the listener closely and deeply into the space Cabello inhabits.

The album's opening track "Never Be the Same" is a beat-heavy radio-friendly anthem that is worthy of its place at the top, though the lyrics aren't necessarily evolved and can easily be interpreted as repetitive. The organic instrumentation that accompanies many of Cabello's vocal arrangements on "Camila" certainly are beautifully illustrative of her uniqueness - if there's anything that can be taken away from Cabello is that she's all the harmony anyone's going to need.

"Camila" by Camila Cabello
Available on CD and Digital Download
2017 Epic Records

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