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Talking With Well-Strung's Edmund Bagnell

by Steve Duffy
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 2, 2018

The hunky string quartet Well-Strung got its start when one of its members, Chris Marchant, was seen playing the violin shirtless on the streets in Provincetown. That was seven years ago when producer Mark Cortale spotted him and asked if he wanted to perform in a show in the resort town. Marchant responded that he was interested in starting a quartet and Cortale agreed. Marchant sent out feelers to friends, and Edmund Bagnell, Daniel Shevlin and Trevor Wadleigh came aboard to form this unique group that fuses classical and pop. The fact that they were also all gay and could double as models only added to their appeal.

Since then, they have performed from coast-to-coast and around the world, have a large fan base (including performer Kristin Chenoweth) and have recorded numerous albums. (For more on the group, visit their website.) More recently it was announced that two of its members, Wadleigh and Marchant, will be competing in the next season of "The Amazing Race" that begins airing on CBS on January 3.

EDGE recently caught up with the group's first violinist Edmund Bagnell to talk about his career and being part of the group.

EDGE: Why did you choose the violin as an instrument to play?

Edmund Bagnell: My grandparents bought me my first violin, so it chose me.

EDGE: How did you get involved with Well-Strung?

Edmund Bagnell: I actually knew of them, but I did audition. It has been such a wonderful life-changing experience for me.

EDGE: What is the meaning behind the name Well-Strung?

Edmund Bagnell: A lot of people take it as a pun and I don't mind, but I like to think of it for the instruments we play.

EDGE: How does the group pick new music to perform?

Edmund Bagnell: We are constantly talking about and listening to music all the time. Each song we choose is always a group decision. And after a decision, we always workshop it to make sure it fits us as a group.

EDGE: What is it like to be the hottest guys of classical music?

Edmund Bagnell: Oh my gosh! Are we? I wouldn't call us that, but if people want to we will take it.

EDGE: Do you have a favorite piece of classical music to perform?

Edmund Bagnell: I have always loved playing Mozart. I could play any of his music for hours.

EDGE: Living together and touring together must get difficult. How do you guys keep things running smoothly?

Edmund Bagnell: We are like brothers, but like any family, we do have our spats. We all love and respect each other. When we get home to New York, especially after traveling, we usually all go off and do our own things.

EDGE: Have any of you dated each other? If not, whom would you choose?

Edmund Bagnell: No, we are like brothers. If I gave you an answer I would get so much flak from the guys. I will say it would be like "Sister Wives" and we would all get married.

EDGE: It was just announced that Trevor and Chris will be on the next "The Amazing Race." How do you think they will do?

Edmund Bagnell: I know they are going to do really well. I have seen them in action - they are both driven and focused guys. We already travel a lot so they've got that down.

EDGE: What's your favorite thing about being part of Well-Strung?

Edmund Bagnell: I love the product we produce. We are such a grassroots group and I am amazed that I get to be a part of it every day. I'm always humbled by the way our fans respond to our music.

For more information about Well-Strung and their upcoming appearances, visit the group's website.


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