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Colton Ford :: moving on with no regrets

by Rich Lopez .
Thursday Oct 29, 2009

The last thing you ever expect to talk to Colton Ford about is astronomy. Mention the newly discovered ring around Saturn and Ford dives into a reverie about the vastness of space, philosophizing on man's small place in it.

"Initially, I wanted a career in astronomy. I love science and math as well as entertainment. I think the whole idea of the universe is absolutely fascinating and completely opens me up beyond this whole religious world," he says.

This from a man who minutes before talked about swinging his dick for the camera.

"I'm provocative by nature. I like expressing that part of myself," he says.

The Meryl Streep of porn

Ford is to gay porn muscle-daddies what Meryl Streep is to mainstream movie actresses: Arguably there are better, but why bother arguing? His rugged looks are swoon-worthy, from the square jaw, subtle snarl and salt-and-pepper mane. He’s built like a comic-book superhero, with beef that’s cut but not freakishly ’roided out.

Although Ford was built for porn superstardom, today he takes the position "been there, done that." Now his sights are set on steaming up the music industry. In a genre dominated by twentysomething sex kittens and smoothed out American Idols, Ford, at 47, gives a whole new face to dance music - which is all right with him.

"If I’m wrapped up in what people think of me, I wouldn’t have the experiences behind me that I do. I got what I needed from porn. Now I’m pursuing something that is more important to me. This album was a fun process and I get to do what I love to do and that’s sing," he says.

Colton Ford performing a cover REM’s ’Losing My Religion.’

A rhythm-and-blues guy

Ford released his second full-length CD, Under the Covers, in September. The collection of covers runs the gamut from Nirvana’s alt-rock classic "Lithium" to Babyface’s R&B hit "It’s No Crime." With 18 tracks (some interludes), Ford both likes the songs he selected and thinks they showcase his singing prowess.

"We thought this would be a good interim album between original material. I wanted to capture the integrity of the originals that made it resonate but bring my own spirit and vibe to it," he says.

Covers is suited for the dance floor crowd even as Ford considers himself a more rhythm-and-blues guy. He cites Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight among his influences and even has roots in jazz. But he does admit going gay for one diva way out of the R&B box.

"Being the true homosexual I am, I have to throw in Olivia Newton-John. She did some amazing vocal stuff and can still sing her shit, unlike some of today’s divas. She is a complete package," he says.

This isn’t Ford’s first time at the music-fame rodeo. He was on the cusp of stardom when Virgin Records offered him a solo album after he was confirmed as the featured vocalist on DJ Frankie Knuckles’ 1995 release, Welcome to the Real World. Adeva eventually replaced Ford and subsequently, he never saw a solo album manifest. This derailed him into a corporate gig, which in turn led to his other career path.

"That was sucking the life out of me. My partner at the time was [porn star] Blake Harper and I fantasized about making a movie with him. What did I have to lose? I wasn’t gonna run for president. I went into it without expectation and did it for about 10 months," he says.

Colton Ford discusses his new CD Under the Covers.

It all works

Despite the career tangent, he still gigged with music, ultimately making his way back to the recording studio when he co-wrote songs with producer Quentin Harris and released Tug of War in 2008. He re-teamed with Harris for Covers, and with it, Ford may prove to be a very out artist who is much more than a "former porn star." He plans on staying that way, too.

"I wouldn’t want anyone to follow my footsteps because it may not be the right path for them. Perhaps they can be inspired by my journey. I think people want to feel something authentically and organically and hopefully what I’m doing translates that. Now, if they pay me millions, I might come back," he laughs.

While Ford could have easily become a space geek, he has no qualms about being remembered as an actor ... or a porn star ... or a musician. It all works.

"I hope people walk away saying I did my own thing and that I didn’t let social norms dictate what was good for me - and a fabulous musician," he says, although he does feel a bit of a double standard when mainstream artists grind their way to superstardom.

"I’m not trying to distance myself from anything," Ford says. "I think we look at celebrities for inspiration, but they do stuff that would be deemed very pornographic. ’Britney, we all know what your pussy looks like, girl!’"

Colton Ford appears at the Cops and Robbers party at Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas. Saturday, October 31, 2009. Doors at 7 p.m. $7-$10.

Colton Ford’s second CD Under the Covers is available at Amazon.com and at his MySpace page.

Colton Ford performs Alicia Keys’ ’No One.’

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  • , 2009-10-30 15:01:13

    Colton should probably stick to porn, cause he’s a horrible singer. Although, he’s too old for porn...so maybe he can sing at the senior homes where they can’t hear him. I saw him perform in NY once and it was horrendous, but funny...because everyone was laughing.

  • , 2009-10-30 16:53:25

    I have to DISAGREE with Anonymous’ post...Colton Ford is a good singer and performer; however, I have not cared much for his music videos. So what? I enjoy his singing/music, his work on the camp cult series THE LAIR, as well as his porn work. I think he should continue to work in all of these fields. The man needs no validation from me or anyone else. He is talented in many more ways than one. He should ignore the naysayers and continue to pursue what he enjoys doing.

  • , 2009-11-12 09:37:27

    i think colton is great in porno and i love hes singing he has a great voice lol

  • StevenN, 2009-11-16 11:01:56

    This is incredibly sloppy reporting. Why is there no mention of Ford’s just-released album "Under the Covers" (Aug. 2009). Ford covers songs by Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Alicia Keys, Sade, Faith No More, etc. Sure, you’ve included the video for his cover of R.E.M’s Losing My Religion but neglect to mention that’s it’s the lead single from the album or where readers can purchase it. This is a pointless feature that further marginalizes Ford by not informing readers about this CD, which would definitely surprise those familiar with his previous efforts. I’ve noticed a steady shit-stream of music writing coming from The Dallas Voice from uninformed writers who are under the impression that simply having ears is a license to report on or review music. It’s not. Enjoying music is entirely subjective, but writing about music demands INFORMED, EDUCATED opinions. P.S. Ford’s first musical efforts are not representative of his vocal ability. His voice was either over-processed, buried in the mix or trying to wrap itself around awkward melodies. This new CD reveals a capable singer who can’t be dismissed as a deluded porn star.

  • StevenN, 2009-11-16 11:17:56

    And another thing, the last line of the feature spells REM incorrectly, while the title on the video underneath manages to get it right (R.E.M). It might seem nit-picky to some, but I find errors in over half of every article read on this site, which could be suffering from an abundance of amateurs weakening the ranks or maybe an overwhelmed handful of professionals are expected to process content/content/content to the detriment of quality control. Edge’s bad readers might not care - but then they’ll never develop an attachment to the site - while good readers who do care will feel less inclined to remain advocates.

  • , 2009-12-02 12:28:24

    I’m a painter (french, so excuse my bad english) and i think that Colton is one of the most beautiful model i ever saw ! even older, he will be more beautiful ! as porn he had something more and i think that he is a real artist ! i wish him all the best in his new career and thanks him to be sos beautiful !

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