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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 18, 2011

FOP is filled with both splendors of the grandest musical latitudes along with the bitter angst of reality. Kristian Hoffman has opened a Pandora's Box of creativity and emotional skill. His solo CD is a kaleidoscope of various genres that harken back to The Mamas and The Papas, glam rock of the 1970s (and his work with Mumps as a songwriter/singer) and ballads which beckon to Elvis Costello in their earnest delivery.

Yet, it's all personal for Hoffman as he penned every song and had a clear vision of just what he wanted FOP to be. Even the CD's artwork and design is all inspired by collectibles that were all chosen from his home and personal collections.

In a recent interview done last October of 2010, Kristian elaborated on the CD's title. "The title frees me to make the music more foppish too. I wanted the music to be as grandiose and pretentious as I possibly could or make it as intimate and aching as I possibly could."

FOP is not fit for a quick listen to determine musical value. Hoffman's work is a thinking man's journey when listening to it. Yet, as pleasant as the orchestrations and skill of the musicians involved...the care is evident in his lyrical skills and talent. Kristian Hoffman is one of the first gay men to dig a bit deeper now and then into the scene for a homosexual of the 1970s and one who has a lot to say in 2011.

FOP could be a party favor or an in-depth experience spent alone with Hoffman's thoughts. Either way, that is fine by him, "My favorite kind of songwriting is kind of the songwriting that you can put on in the background while paying your bills and it sounds pretty. Enjoyable. But...it bares more scrutiny if you choose to scrutinize it. I do my best to make songs live up to that standard."

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