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Today on 'Megyn Kelly Today': 'We Have to Talk about Ghosts'

Thursday Oct 12, 2017
Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today"
Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today"  (Source:Screen shot via "Megyn Kelly Today")

Today on "Megyn Kelly Today," Megyn Kelly opened up her show the same way she's been opening up her show the last few days: Dragging Harvey Weinstein. She also brought up the controversy involving a video showing Ben Affleck grabbing "TRL" host Hillarie Burton.

After dragging the movie mogul, Megyn invited "Today" show weatherman Al Roker on to promote his new children's book about weather. During their chat, Megyn for some reason asked: "In more pressing news, we have to talk about ghosts."

Oh, OK!

Megyn goes on to explain that more than half of Americans believe in ghosts. She asked Al if he believes in ghosts.

"I don't say they're not real. I haven't seen one but that doesn't mean they don't exists," he says. Hmmm.

Megyn then asked about superstitions, saying she "has a bunch because of my nana."

Al said he doesn't have any.

The two then talked about Halloween and Al confessed his favorite candy was the York Peppermint Patty (ew). Megyn said she loves Laffy Taffy.

Not long after that, Megyn launched into a wild story about walking around Rockefeller Center in an unzipped dress. She didn't realize it was unzipped and said she could sense a lot of people looking at her.

"I'm 46 and still got it!" she said.

She then spoke with actress Isla Fisher, introducing her as a "stage five clinger." (A reference to her movie "Wedding Crashers.") Isla wrote a children's book and the interview was a snooze. (But at one point, Megny asked Isla, "Is it true you went to professional clown school?" It's true.)

After speaking with Isla, Megyn introduced the human interest story of the day - a young man named Chasin who had panic attacks and anxiety apparently caused by a non-cancerous brain tumor. This segment was also very boring.

Things got better when Megyn welcomed Dr. Holly Philips to play a true and false game about common health myths.

Things we learned:

- Peeing on a jellyfish sting doesn't heal the wound. But vinegar does!
- Using your partner's toothbrush is "risky."
- Megyn seemed to have a complete malfunction when Dr. Philips asked, "The best time to 'get busy' is first thing in the morning. True or false?" Megyn said, "Does that mean 'action'? What do you mean, 'busy'?" Dr. Philips responded by saying, "We're talking about intimacy." Megyn then asked, "The best time to do it for enjoyment or for what?" A confused Dr. Philips said, "Just for whenever one would do it." An even more confused Megyn said, "There's a best time?!" and she held up a "false" sign. But Dr. Philip said it's true.
- Using air dryers in public restrooms are filthy and apparently spray bacteria and germs when in use.

As the segment ended, Megyn told a weird little joke about squatting on a toilet, which this writer didn't completely understand.

Shortly after, Megyn introduced a new segment called "She Made It."

"She made it, as in 'she made it and you can too,'" Megyn explained. The segment was about a 29-year-old woman Barbra Minuzzi, an immigrant and successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. The interview was extremely boring.

Another episode of "Megyn Kelly Today" came to a close and Megyn spoke with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Kathie Lee teased she was going to sing a song she wrote for her husband Frank during the show. Megyn said she heard the song a few weeks ago and :was brought to tears."

"It was a spiritual experience," she added.

Kathie Lee said her pastor was on the show for "support."

Today on Megyn Kelly Today

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