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Broad City - Season Four

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Feb 13, 2018
Broad City - Season Four

The Jewess Yas Queens are back for a fourth season of "Broad City," still silly and usually high but more circumspect in the current Trumpian dystopia. There are subtle references to the young women participating in the Resistance, like a headboard made of protest signs and stickers, and stints as abortion clinic escorts.

The ten-episode season ran on Comedy Central from September - December 2017, and both Abbi and Ilana directed two episodes each, underscored throughout by the joke anthem song "Leanne." The show has contracted for a fifth season.

The first installment, "Sliding Doors," mimics the movie of the same name, creating bifurcated timelines of the pair's first meeting in 2011. In "Twaining Day," Abbi fucks up her job at guest star Wanda Sykes company, but ends up back at the Soulstice gym with former boyfriend Trey and reluctant new client (and hilariously self-referential) singer Shania Twain. Ilana becomes a waitress for chichi Manhattan restaurant Sushi Mambeaux under bitchy manager RuPaul, in an amped-up version of himself, alongside co-worker (and sadly underutilized) Sandra Bernhard.

Ilana starts to spend her prodigious tip money on indulgences like pricey purses, fancy leotards and nail tips, one of the reasons for the episode title "Just the Tips," and runs into her ex, Lincoln (Hannibal Buress). Hippy-trippy opening credits artist Mike Perry gets to interface with the live-action ladies when they take an adventurous trip on/in "Mushrooms."

"Abbi's Mom" is played by "Frasier's" Peri Gilpin and visits her daughter at the restaurant while Ilana tries to treat her Seasonal Affected Disorder with a light therapy lamp. Jane Curtin guests on "Witches" as a flaky stallholder (selling Abbi's real mom's actual artwork) next to Abbi's Christmas card stand, set up to fund a space heater purchase.

The women, including Ilana's mom Bobbi (Susie Essman), go to Florida (also the episode name), "America's droopy dick," to clean out Grandma Esther's apartment along with aunt Bev (Fran Drescher), where they sport impressive, humidity-induced Jew-fros over color-blocked tracksuits. Mike Birbiglia guests at Abbi's high school English teacher in "House-Sitting," and Steve Buscemi is a pathetic robber in "Bedbugs," which also features the titular apartment infestation.

The season ends where it begins - a celebration of this relationship with "Friendiversary," which also echoes the film "Rear Window."

DVD extras on both discs include deleted/extended scenes and outtakes, some short "Hack Into Broad City" and "Behind Broad City" segments, including a costume deep dive, featuring Abbi's over-belting and Ilana's "The Future is Female" jean jacket with drawings of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai.

They try to get together for/in the "Inauguration" clip and end up reviewing their krav maga training over Facetime. In another, they acknowledge that this administration can take away many rights, but never their orgasms for they are "cum queens." They, like their loyal fan base, refuse to say (and bleep or scratch off) his name, for doing so would give him, like the devil, more power. The series is a reminder that it's still all about the Queens.

"Broad City Season 4"

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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