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Will & Grace (The Revival) - Season One

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Will & Grace (The Revival) - Season One

They're all in it together. Again.

No one could have imagined when NBC announced that it was renewing one of its hit comedies, and not as a "reunion" or a "reboot" but essentially bringing the series back a decade later intact and as if it hadn't been away at all, that "Will & Grace" would inspire an entire revival. One of the greatest comedy hits, the series was revolutionary when it debuted in 1998, positioning gay characters in the lead roles and opening the mainstream to a whole new world.

By the time the series had come to its end in season eight, it still ranked among one of the funniest shows in primetime, though it featured a particularly existential finale that didn't meet up to expectations. When series creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan went to work on "Will & Grace" (The Revival): Season One they immediately took the opportunity to retcon the original finale and brought in the entire gang, including Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, their sidekicks Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes, and it was like 11 years later couldn't come too soon.

Available now on DVD, the inaugural "revival season" is tackling today's most relevant issues, including the current political climate and challenging the "new normal." Integrating the best parts of the original series run, this time around the cast jump right into the middle of things, as if time had stood still - and yet it didn't. Will and Grace are living together (again) after her failed marriage; her gay BFF is single (again), but taking it all in stride. Meanwhile, both Jack and Karen continue to bring technicolor into their lives. The series is fresh, fun and full of frills!

"Will & Grace" the revival has inspired a sitcom renaissance, with "Murphy Brown" in fast-forward production, and "Roseanne" got off to a good start, until it didn't, so until the Second Season of the "revival" returns in the full, check out "Will & Grace" on DVD. All 16 episodes are featured, along with additional bonus content, including deleted scenes, a gag reel and behind-the-scenes featurettes that explore the love and laughter of this great American comedy guaranteeing America is gayer than ever, and proud as Just Jack!

"Will & Grace" (The Revival): Season One
DVD and Digital HD

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