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Mac Comes Out to His Dad on 'It's Always Sunny...' with Sensuous Dance

Monday Nov 12, 2018

For fans of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," one of the show's memes has been Mac (Rob McIlhenney) coming to terms with being gay. As Uproxx culture critic Stacey Ritzen wrote in March, 2016, "Of course, what makes the joke work is that Mac himself is probably the only one that doesn't know that Mac is gay. If he were just a guy struggling to bottle up his homosexuality, that would just be depressing, and a different kind of show. But as a strict Catholic, Mac has repressed his homosexuality so much that he doesn't even understand his infatuation with badass tough guys is because he wants to have sex with them."

Last season that speculation came to an end when Mac — surprisingly — came out in the two-part season finale when a gay slur (said by Danny Devito's Frank to save Mac from being hit by a falling piano) leads the now-buff Mac to come out. That and by saying he's gay, he can claim ownership of a winning lottery ticket: winning the ticket, he exclaimed: "Gay Mac rules! Rich, gay Mac!"

"It's in that moment one of the gang's central characters and possibly the series as a whole changes. The triumphant Mac is quickly replaced by a demure and wide-eyed one. After the gang dismisses his revelation, pointing out that Mac has come out of the closet several times before, Mac says, 'I dunno, maybe I'll just stay out. No, I think I'm out now. Yeah, I'm gay. Actually ... it feels pretty good. See you guys.'"

This week Mac took it one step further: coming out to his dad in this season's finale entitled "Mac Shows His Pride." In it, Mac says "Dad, I'm gay," before taking off his shirt and dancing a rain-soaked "pas de deux" with ballerina Kylie Shea. The moment came when Mac visits his father, Frank, in prison and performs the dance.

"His father walks off in the middle of it, leaving Mac in tears on the dance floor. (Mac in tears!) But Mac's mermaid/goddess/partner pulls him off the floor and they continue, her support inspiring him to own his truth. The episode ends with Frank's awestruck words, 'Oh my God, I get it. I get it,'" writes Maria Elena Fernandez in Vulture.

Link:www.vulture.com/2018/11/its-always-sunny-mac-dance-season-13-finale.html:In explaining how the scene came about>, McElhenney told Vulture: "We got a really overwhelming emotional response from the LGBTQ community last year. I took it seriously and I felt it would be completely unexpected to have this much more emotionally resonant end to the season. You would expect that Mac would express himself through the art of contemporary dance and it go horribly wrong, until you realize that's not the direction we're taking."

Watch the dance below:


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