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Family Guy - 20 Greatest Hits

by Louise Adams
Friday Jan 11, 2019
Family Guy - 20 Greatest Hits

Seth MacFarlane's scatological humor can wear thin, but, boy howdy, can that guy pen and carry a tune, and clearly enjoys doing so.

Those musical chops are showcased in the 20-episode, 3-DVD set "Family Guy 20 Greatest Hits" DVD collection, where he often performs with himself while playing papa Peter, preternaturally prescient baby Stewie and talking dog Brian. All the favorite "Road" movies are included — Rhode Island, Multiverse, North Pole — as well as other boundary-pushing show-stoppers like "I Need A Jew" from "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein."

The "I Need A Jew" lyric video is included in the DVD extras, along with one for "Drunken Irish Dad" ("He doesn't smell like Irish Spring and he never taught me anything") and Season 8's Disney-esque "It's a Wonderful Day for Pie." There's also "Music Machine" extras featuring just the songs and dances.

The "300 Episodes, Two Cancellations and One Mural" bonus featurette tells viewers that the series has generated 147 original songs, over 1500 cutaway gags, and 10,500 broadcast standard's notes. The segment is taped at the official unveiling of the FG large building mural on the Fox lot, celebrating the series' 300th episode, an achievement only four other programs have reached. The mural covers over 10,000 square feet of wall space, and took over 100 gallons of paint, and 8 weeks, to complete.

During the dedication ceremony, the creator thanks his Fox overlords: "This mural almost makes up for the fact that you're propping up a dangerously unstable politician."

Family Guy 20 Greatest Hits
DVD set

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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