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Must Watch: Screen the Blood, Not the Sexuality

Tuesday Jun 12, 2018
Must Watch: Screen the Blood, Not the Sexuality
  (Source:Peter Tatchell Foundation)

To raise awareness about the unjustified blanket restrictions on gay and bisexual men donating blood, the Peter Tatchell Foundation has launched a campaign with the message "Screen the blood, not the sexuality."

They created "The Gaydr" -- a pseudo "gay detector" device -- which they used to scan heterosexual men on their way to a blood bank in central London, in order to make them feel the same sense of exclusion experienced by sexually active gay and bisexual men in many countries. The spoof Gaydr scan informed them that they were actually gay and not allowed to donate blood.

In England, gay and bisexual men are not permitted to give blood if they have had oral or anal sex with a man -- even with a condom and even just once -- in the preceding three months.

World Blood Donor Day 2018 is Thursday, June 14.

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