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Justin Bieber Donates $545K to amfAR

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday May 27, 2014

Like most of the world, you may not be a Belieber. But the Canadian pop star actually did something that was not being an international jerk last weekend by donating more than a half a million dollars to AIDS research organization amfAR, TMZ reports.

Justin Bieber, along with a number of other Hollywood elite, attended a celebrity gala in Cannes where he was decked out in a black double-breasted suit and sported a preteen mustache.

Other attendees started donating large sums of money to the organization, but Bieber decided to match the pledges by giving the group $545,000. TMZ reports the Biebes "quietly and without fanfare" donated the money.

Bieber's generous gesture turned the heads of people in the crowd, which included Leonardo DiCaprio, Heidi Klum, John Travolta and Sharon Stone. The pop star was asked if he seriously wanted to donate that much money, to which he replied, "yup." He said that he felt like doing something good.

Bieber later took to Twitter and, without mentioning the donation, wrote, "Amfar #giveback."

amfAR replied to the Biebes and wrote, "A new generation is ready to stand up and support. Thank you for joining us tonight, @justinbieber. #amfARCannes."

According to the Wrap, the gala took place in Antibes, about minutes from Cannes, and raised $35,000,000 in total. One of the biggest amounts was a wooly mammoth skeleton, which artist Damien Hirst dipped in Gold. The item earned $15,000,000 at bid.

Robin Thicke and Lana Del Rey performed at the event.

Bieber's shocking donation comes as reports surfaced that he was walking around the 2014 Cannes Film Festival shirtless, taking over a nightclub with Rick Ross and also making a questionable move on Heidi Klum during the amfAR event.

Also, the pop star has a court hearing scheduled in Toronto on May 26 for the December incident where he allegedly assaulted a limo driver in the Canadian city, the Huffington Post notes.

Watch the music video for Bieber's "Confidant" below:


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