Cocktail Culture: 5 Must-Drink Holiday Recipes

Friday Dec 7, 2018
Original Laird's Eggnog
Original Laird's Eggnog  

Are you ready to shake up your holiday cocktail offerings? Some of the country's most notable bartenders and watering holes offer their takes on what's trending and how to create the perfect offering.

Original Laird's Eggnog
2 cups (16 oz.) Laird's Applejack
6 eggs
½ cup sugar
2 cups milk
2 cups cream

Beat whites and yolks of eggs separately. Add ¼ cup sugar to each. Add milk and cream to yolks and mix well. Fold in beaten egg whites. Stir in Applejack. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

The Perfect Patrón & Tonic
1.5 oz. Patrón Silver
200ml bottle Fever-Tree Citrus Tonic
Twist of orange peel

Pour tequila over ice, top with tonic and an orange twist — enjoy!

Boyne Valley Brew by Julia Momose
single serving
¼ oz. Demerara syrup (2:1)
¼ oz. Mandarine Napoléon
1.5 oz. Slane Irish Whiskey
4 oz. cold brew coffee
Whipping Cream softly whipped for layering.

For Company: (24 oz. will fit nicely in a carafe or 750 ml bottle.)
1 oz. Demerara Syrup (2:1)
1 oz. Mandarine Napoléon
6 oz. Slane Irish Whiskey
2 cups cold brew coffee
Whipping Cream, on the side, softly whipped for layering.

Measure demerara syrup, Mandarine Napoléon, Slane Irish Whiskey, and cold brew coffee into a serving carafe. Keep chilled until ready to serve. On the side, lightly whip whipping cream so that it is thick enough to layer nicely on top of the Irish-coffee base. When ready to serve, pour the base into glasses, leaving about a quarter inch of space to layer the cream on top.

Irving Alexander  

Irving Alexander by Meaghan Dorman of Dear Irving, NYC
2 oz. BERTOUX Brandy
¾ oz. Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao
¼ oz. Byrrh
¼ oz. coconut milk
¼ oz. heavy cream

Shake with ice and strain into a coup glass. Garnish with freshly grated cinnamon.

Riff Raff Spritz by Henry's Pamela Wiznitzer
1 oz. New Riff Bourbon
3/4 oz. ITALICUS
3/4 oz. lemon juice
1/2 oz. Earl Grey simple syrup
pinch of salt
soda water
lemon wheel for garnish

Combine all ingredients (except soda water) and shake lightly. Pour into a wine glass and top with soda water! Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Holidays 2018

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