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Grammy Report :: a pissed-off Beyoncé?

by Mark Russo
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 2, 2010

How pissed off must Beyoncé be that Taylor Swift won the top prize at the Grammy's? Even with six other wins, the answer is: plenty.

Think about it. You're named Billboard magazine's Female Artist of the Decade. You have had 23 songs on billboards hot 100, five of which went to No. 1. You've sold 6 million copies of "Sasha Fierce," grossed 60 million from concerts, and ranked No. 4 on Forbes' Top Entertainers list, with $87 million dollars last year.

The Grammys should have been her cotillion, with her as debutante of the ball. Well sorry, Sasha Fierce, there is a new bitch in town who stole your crown.

With class, Beyoncé shrugged off Taylor's upset win at the VMAs for Best Female Video and silently rebuked Kanye West's storming of the stage in Beyoncé defense for the terrible injustice that incurred (i.e. Taylor winning any type of award that has do with music), by graciously abdicating her speech time to Taylor for Beyoncé's win of "Video of the Year."

Beyoncé :: Mother Theresa?

I know that is confusing--if you have the "Video of the Year," shouldn’t it dominate all other categories it’s eligible for? After all, the award is called "Video of the Year."

Oh, I forgot: This is MTV. They just want to get celebrities there for ratings. But at least MTV had the good sense to give the top prize to the more talented singer and performer.

In the back of Beyoncé’s mind, she must be thinking, "It’s OK to let VMA go by unanswered"; after all, the VMAs are fake awards anyway.

"When it really counts, I’m gonna clean up," she probably concluded. "If I do this magnanimous gesture, the world will think I am the second coming of Mother Teresa".

As always, Beyoncé was right on the money. My Facebook feed was filled with endless accolades to Ms Knowles: "angel," "love her," "selfless"... You would have thought she solved word hunger.

Beyoncé was so confident she was going to the win the Album of the Year award at the Grammys she didn’t even bother to accept the Song of the Year award because she would have to share the stage with the writers. The lame excuse given was Beyoncé was backstage preparing for a performance that was over 15 minutes away.

Are you telling me she couldn’t do a costume change in 15 for a performance that had very few choreographed moves and her running around the stage being Beyoncé? It’s more like, diva didn’t want to share the spotlight. Story continues on following page.

Watch Beyoncé perform "If I Were a Boy/You Ought to Know" live at the 2010 Grammy Awards:

Taylor Swift :: a charmed life

I will give Beyoncé her props, She is a diva. She makes pops songs that are remixed into dance megahits, she’s smokin’ hot and puts effort into entertaining us with dancers, choreography and over-the-top outfits.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift’s performances are lackluster and consist of her strumming a couple of chords on her guitar and singing off key to her poorly written music. I thought if you were weak in the vocals you had to be high in the performance value. Take Britney Spears: She hops around the stage in skimpy outfits, backed up by half-naked dancers, pyrotechnics going off all over the place and non-stop movement. We love Britney!!

How long do we have to stroke this perky little girl’s ego because of her one rude interruption during one acceptance speech by the only sane guy in the room?

Come on, let’s look at how Taylor’s life is going: a mediocre talent, incredibly gorgeous, charming, worth a bazillion dollars. Her ex is Joe Jonas, the hottest Jonas brother, and her current boyfriend the insanely hot shirtless guy from Twilight.

This girl has had such a charmed life; God is in awe of her at this point. So yes, it’s OK to criticize her. If she had been born in China, she’d have been working 18 hours a day for the past 10 years, if she were born in Thailand--don’t make me say what she would be doing, but I’m sure she would be a top earner at that, too.

So, yes, it’s OK to criticize a 20-year-old hyper-successful girl who has not endured--is not enduring--any adversity or hardship in her life and is far from being on even par with her "peers."

If you want to feel sorry for some one, feel sorry for Stevie Nicks, who has perfected her craft. Poor Stevie should have pulled a Kanya West during her performance with Taylor and scoffed, "No offense Taylor, but I can take the song from here. Just play a few cords on your guitar and hum, I’ll handle the vocals."

While we do buy music based on the vocal quality, meaning and delivery, a person’s beauty is also one of the factors, in many cases, which is fine. It has nothing to do with our being a vapid society.

We’re just human. We want experiences in our life to be multi-sensory. Try drinking wine and plugging your nose. Try having sex without any noise.

They all lessen the experience. The problem with the Grammys is they’re supposed to look at artistry over aesthetics, and in this case the Grammys has done us a disservice. To put it another way: If Kelly Clarkson had Taylor Swift’s voice, Kelly would be a checkout girl at WalMart.

Watch Beyoncé’s acceptance speech for Best Female Vocal Performance 2010:

Mark Russo is a part-time computer software engineer and full-time pop-culture maven.


  • , 2010-02-03 12:58:26

    Please no! I can’t watch this horror again! Argggggghhhhhhh!

  • , 2010-02-04 21:47:48

    jenny I don’t care awards show! the wrong person always win! and I think beyonce had to much grammy that night. they should gave to lady gaga!!!!

  • , 2010-02-05 01:23:52

    I agree, but the contest was between Swift and Beyonce, Beyonce all the way!

  • , 2010-02-10 14:01:13

    It was between Beyonce and Gaga hands down. I nearly threw my TV out the window when Taylor won.

  • Tracey Walker, 2010-02-11 14:59:54

    Taylor Swift: The untalented little fake southern belle. They’ll give anyone a record deal if they’re marketable to tween girls. Lady Gaga should have won.

  • , 2010-02-13 11:08:27

    Im with ya, 100%, but Beyonce still must be pissed, Although, if Beyonce won there would not have been this much of an uproar.

  • Kelly the Bird, 2010-02-14 14:56:21

    The check-out girl at Walmart, haha. Funny article, great points. The danger in coddling any young artist is that they don’t recognize the areas they can improve on.. praise is great, but it hardly fosters growth.

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