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DJ²: The Perry Twins... sexy, energetic, invigorating

by JC Alvarez
Thursday Oct 14, 2010

Outrageous... energetic... invigorating. These are just a few choice words I would use to describe the musical styling of the DJ duo known as The Perry Twins. Doug and Derek are crisscrossing the country on their current remix tour. I just missed them when they debuted at Tony Fornabaio and Brandon Voss' big New York City Friday night at Rockit!

"I thought the vibe at Rockit was really cool -- and everyone was really great," they tell me. "Their was really good energy!" Unfortunately the DJ booth wasn't all that accessible with the go-go dancers between the boys and the crowd. If you ask me the New York City crowd was robbed of the main event -- The Perry Twins, who are by far two of the most dashingly charismatic sexy-somethings in music today.

With their growing popularity and rhythmic appeal, The Perry Twins proved themselves circuit mainstays over the summer season. Fan favorites with a great following, they feel very fortunate to be keeping so busy. "Being twins certainly helps us to stand out -- we play very upbeat and vocal tracks and we can adapt to the crowd very easily -- our style is very energetic... and familiar."

MIx of classic and contemporary dance hits

The boys do prefer to mix into their set as many classic dance tracks as well as contemporary pop hits. You can also expect them to add their own signature brand to the productions. "It’s so cool having people react to one of our songs or remixes -- it’s awesome to see that."

The fun-loving team made a name for themselves the minute they pulled Niki Haris (famous for being the power-house r&b sound backing Madonna all those years) out of dance-music retirement to sing on their #1 Billboard Club chart hit "Bad, Bad Boy." From that moment on The Perry Twins grafted themselves into the club play lexicon. They followed that track up with the equally successful "Activate My Body" featuring Jania, and have begun work on their next project.

The Twins also admit to having been really pleasantly surprised by the re-emerging club scene that’s energizing nightlife in New York City. "There’s so much great stuff out there -- so many more songs that are exciting. We’re playing stuff that we really love."

The twins have been professionally mixing since the 90s and swiftly grabbed the attention of the West Coast party scene with their unique style, personality and presentation. The brothers, who are originally from Rhode Island, are from a musical family: both their parents are musicians and have a rock band. "Our parents always had music playing in the house, and our dad even listens to our online radio show."

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Watch the video of Perry Twins featuring Jania performing Activate My Body:

A unique DJ experience

With the beat already inherit in them, pursuing a passion for music was a simple ambition for them to realize. "We were always into it," Doug reveals, "but Derek really started as a DJ and I was more into doing the lights -- he was more the one that pulled me in."

The Perry Twins combine their skills as choreographers and remixers to deliver their unique DJ experience to dance floors across the nation. Derek explains their dynamic: "It goes back and forth -- but Doug is more outspoken. I tend to concentrate more on working and Doug can be a little more social -- he likes to have fun." Doug goes on to say about his brother, "Derek is more the mad scientist -- he is so creative and talented. He’s very focused." Whatever the formula, if the team was able to bottle and market it, The Perry Twins would be the Red Bull of the club crowd.

It’s also helpful that dance music has had a significant resurgence in the mainstream market. "I think that it’s a really good time for dance music," Doug shares, "and it has even taken over the pop music world." Derek agrees, "You couldn’t turn on the radio five years ago and hear artists like David Guetta and Richard Vission and now they’re on the Top 40." Doug also says, "With big artists working in dance music, it gives smaller, independent artist a lot more exposure -- including DJs.

"People are just more enthusiastic about dance music," they continue, "and with Internet and satellite radio are really getting more into it."

The Perry Twins unanimously agree that if they were prepared to hand out the Grammy Award for this year’s Best Dance Album it would go to: "David Guetta -- he’s so popular and I can listen to him all the time." And I ask them their professional opinions if they could in this post-Lady Gaga era of pop music offer some advice to established music mavens, some who may flounder on the charts, what would they suggest.

On Christina Aguilera: "I loved ’Not Myself Tonight’," Doug says, "I wish it would have done better than it did so that she might have continued to play in that realm of dance."

On Britney Spears: "We get requests for Britney all the time," they both admitted.

As for the Queen of Pop herself: Madonna, both laughingly agree that "she’s doing fine -- I don’t think she needs any help. She knows what she’s doing." Doug says, "Hard Candy didn’t have as much of her dance stuff, but it had some of the r&b thing she’s done in the past." Derek adds, "I’d love to see her do some more duets -- I love what she did with Justin Timberlake. It would be cool to see what she would come up with some different people."

Favorite circuit events

Having worked with some of pop and dance music’s most gifted artists including gay icons Kristine W and Ari Gold, Doug and Derek tell me that their next projects will include some interesting new sounds. "There are so many artists we’d love to collaborate with," and a full-length album of originally produced music is in the works.

More immediately they are currently putting together the latest Global Groove compilation to be released on Centaur, as well as a new track. "We have a song we just finished with Abigail -- it’ll be our next original song -- she was so cool to work with." They wrote and produced the single. "It’s a little bit different from anything that we’ve done in the past -- we’re really excited about it." The Global Groove compilation will feature the Abigail track, and The Perry Twins have promised to hit the road again on a DJ tour to support the release of the album.

After spending part of the season on the road playing some of the hottest parties across the nation, The Perry Twins shared some of their most honorable mentions. "It would be hard to pick just one -- but the Bay Dance on Fire Island, Fourth of July Weekend -- that was such a cool crowd and location. We actually did the mix that was choreographed to the fireworks."

That certainly was a proud moment for the performance team. "The Winter Party in Miami was also very cool," Doug mentions, and Derek adds, "Tracks in Denver also stood out as a highlight, but even playing at Rockit in New York just last weekend -- that was really one of my favorites."

The openly gay duo also taking note of the recent attention in the media that LGBTs have been drawing and feel it’s important to stay connected to their audience and fan base. "With so many actors, artists and singers thinking it would hurt their career [to come out] -- I do get offended to some extent -- especially someone who is closeted and performing at a Pride event. People should be open and honest especially if their art is an extension of themselves."

With sky the limit appearing something of a redundancy to describe The Perry Twins continual climb to stardom, these self-made moguls have bigger ambitions that will ultimately propel their A-List status beyond reach. Is there anyone surprised that the perfectly packaged pair have perhaps a reality show in the works? "It’s funny you should mention that... " With their recent success and mark on the airwaves, The Perry Twins, Doug and Derek appear poised to turn their brand into an empire.

Keep up with The Perry Twins online. Goto www.perrytwinsmusic.com for appearances and music releases and updates.

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Watch this interview with Perry Twins at the time of the release of "Bad, Bad Boy":

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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