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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jan 18, 2013

Wrapped in repetition with flights of beauty in the notes straining to break free, the title track and opening composition "Move" showcases the eclectic and highly-skilled intensity of Hiromi's piano and keyboards. Joining Hiromi for this "Trio project" is the sleek contrabass guitar playing of Anthony Jackson while drummer Simon Philips marks and smoothes the tempos with a brush and beat.

These new and original compositions are structured around a "soundtrack for a day"... just twenty-four little hours, yet listening to "Move" there is an abundance of magnificent and emotive qualities in the experience. From the routine of daily life on to the dreams imagined and the flights of fancy in those unexpected moments, Hiromi has conjured up a loose yet concentrated passion in her playing for each of the nine selections.

The album's centerpiece is the three-part "Suite Escapism" consisting of "Reality," "Fantasy," and "In Between." It is here that the beat of a clock and the beat of a heart blur and combine as one. The power of this piece is felt in not only capturing what "reality" would musically feel like, but also her magnificent way of capturing "fantasy" as an integral part to the importance of the structure in the suite. "Fantasy" begins with a slow grace of Anthony Jackson's guitar and creates a mood of time standing still while it lingers on the power of dreams. Finishing "Suite Escapism" with "In Between," Hiromi's musical gift is showcased and there is the realization that both qualities are crucial elements to discover.

Now, Hiromi is definitely not only a "long-haired" visionary of jazz structure. She also lets her hair down and speaks to that "5 o' clock whistle" in all of us with just the right kick in "Margarita!" Shot for shot and note for note, she plays brilliantly around all the musical action. "Move" proves once more that Hiromi adds magic, creative ingenuity, and passion to a brilliant fusion of styles.

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