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American Idolatry :: Dull, Duller, Denver

by Mark Russo
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Feb 3, 2010

Enough with the auditions already! It's becoming monotonous. Not one person on the Tuesday, February 2, show had the slightest ability to make it to the Top 12. Even the bad performances were so mediocre they weren't even funny.

To make the show even worse, Idol decides to bring back one of the weakest guest judges of the season, Victoria Beckham. You've got to be kidding me. This woman just sucks all of the life out of the room and has absolutely nothing remotely interesting to say.

Idol had to be really desperate to find a replacement for Paula to bring Victoria back for a second "interview." Even they saw the writing on the wall after last night; hence, we're stuck with Ellen.

For a minute there, I thought I was watching Project Runway. Victoria consistently commented on the contestants' clothes and personal style.

Sick of pretty?

Apparently if you dress well, you’re going to be a star. I guess the formula has worked for Victoria; she dresses beautifully. Add to that marrying an ultra-sexy world-famous soccer player, and you, too, can rocket to stardom.

Aren’t people sick of every celebrity looking pretty all the time? I think Lady Gaga sums it up best: "We all need an image that screams, ’I’m an individual!’ I think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful - she’s gorgeous - but I prefer to look interesting rather than pretty."

Especially in the music, industry people want to see "interesting," not always "pretty." Look at the laundry list of awards shows that are down in the dumps, from the Oscars to the Emmys.

Awards shows like MTV’s VMA and the Grammys are surging in rating because of interesting looking celebrities, over-the-top performances and outlandish behavior. At this point, the Oscars are about as interesting as a funeral procession.

All the celebrities have top stylists and make-up artists. There is only about 1 nanometer of difference between the best and worst dressed celebrity of the night.

You can always be assured the most thanked celebrity of the night will be God, followed closely behind Mom and Dad. We’re sick of people always looking pretty and acting predicable--we want interesting, Victoria!

That’s the problem, Victoria: You’re not interesting. And none of the people on Tuesday were interesting. No matter how well they dressed or how pretty they looked, they are uninteresting and forgettable.

For a taste of the Denver talent, watch this audition:

Mark Russo is a part-time computer software engineer and full-time pop-culture maven.


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