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Seussical: The Musical

by Steven  Skelley
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Mar 14, 2013
Sunny Gay, as Gertrude McFuzz and Mindy Ward as the Cat in the Hat in ’Seussical: The Musical’ at the Titusville Playhouse
Sunny Gay, as Gertrude McFuzz and Mindy Ward as the Cat in the Hat in ’Seussical: The Musical’ at the Titusville Playhouse   

With more progress being made each month toward LGBT equality and acceptance, LGBT families are looking for entertainment options. "Seussical: The Musical" is an excellent and empowering production that is a delightful blend of characters we have come to know and love and the important theme that anything is possible if you are true to yourself.

"Seussical: The Musical" by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty debuted on Broadway in 2000 and is based on a mixture of characters and storylines from the iconic books of Dr. Seuss. After its Broadway run, "Seussical: The Musical" enjoyed two national tours and a United Kingdom tour. Because of its positive theme and familiar characters, it has become a favorite for regional theaters, community theaters and schools.

If you enjoy community theater, you will definitely find yourself smiling often throughout the Emma Parrish Theater/Titusville Playhouse production of "Seussical: The Musical." The team at the Titusville Theater seems to thrive under the energetic and charismatic leadership of General Manager Steven Heron.

The Titusville Playhouse production of "Seussical: The Musical" was the first full-scale musical production directed by Director/Choreographer Michael Biggs, who has an M.F.A. in Musical Theater from the University of Central Florida.

"As for my first full scale production, it was a blast. I had the opportunity to bring the childlike wonder of Dr. Seuss to the stage in a bright, colorful, over-the-top fashion and I felt like I had the support of all 60 actors, designers, and technicians. This team was goal oriented and accomplished all I had imagined and more," Biggs told Edge.

Biggs believes that what made "Seussical: The Musical" really special was the cast. "This show not only has powerful voices, great actors, and talented dancers, but stilt walkers, jugglers, and demonstrations from a third degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do. There is such an incredible variety of people in this production as well ranging from elementary students, high school, college, teachers, and friends of the theatre. I was blessed with an amazing cast, not only for their talents but their personal contributions as well."

The "Seussical: The Musical" storyline follows the adventures of Horton the elephant who discovers a speck of dust where the tiny Whos live. Unfortunately, no one can hear the Whos but Horton.

Sunny Gay, a senior at Titusville High School, s the perfect choice to portray Gertrude. Her vocals are the best of the show.

A separate plotline follows the trials of a young Who named JoJo who lives on the speck of dust. JoJo is constantly berated for "thinking too many thinks." JoJo's habit of letting his imagination explore all possibilities lands him in trouble with his parents and he is sent off to military school where he is meant to conform to society's way of thinking and to fight those who do not conform.

Horton's community does not believe his story that there is a tiny community of Whos living on the speck of dust and sets out to destroy it and put an end to Horton's foolishness. It is only through JoJo's discovery of self confidence and the Whos recognition that JoJo's "thinks" may be their salvation that the Whos are able to make themselves known and avoid destruction.

Even though the plot may seem a tad heavy, there are many Seuss characters and laughs along the way.

Sunny Gay, a senior at Titusville High School, portrays a bird named Gertrude who is in love with Horton and tries endlessly and hilariously to make her feelings known to the clueless elephant.

Sunny Gay is the perfect choice to portray Gertrude. Her vocals are the best of the show. She has a seemingly effortless comedic talent. She is a natural!

Horton the elephant is portrayed by Junior Thespian State Director Rodney Savickis. As a local educator, Savisckis believes "Seussical: The Musical" offers a very important message to society.

"As a theatre educator one teaches the tools of the craft on a daily bases. It is very important to take those tools and sharpen them by performing. Horton is such a great role model. Regardless of how big you are, bullying occurs. But one must stand up for one's self and well as those who cannot defend or protect themselves. Horton is a real superhero," Savisckis told Edge.

"Seussical: The Musical" is a family-friendly production that teaches its audience that every person is unique and that uniqueness is an asset not a weakness.

"Seussical: The Musical" runs through March 17 at the Titusville Playhouse, 301 Julia Street, Titusville. For info or tickets call 321-268-3711 or visit http://titusvilleplayhouse.com

Steven Skelley is a published author of several nonfiction works and the novella The Gargoyle Scrolls. He has been a newspaper columnist, travel writer, news writer, music director, creative arts director, theater reviewer and tennis instructor.


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