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Is Fort Lauderdale the Gayest City in America?

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Oct 1, 2013

According to 2012 data released by the U.S. Census, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has the highest concentration of same-sex couple households in the country, the Huffington Post reports.

Fort Lauderdale beat out huge gay cities like San Francisco, as same-sex couples make up 2.8 percent of total households in the south Florida city, which is about 23 miles north of Miami.

Seattle, Wash., came in second place with same-sex couples making up 2.6 percent of the city's households, according to the 2012 Census Bureau data. San Francisco placed third, with 2.5 percent of same-sex households.

According to the Seattle Times, the city's gay population has sharply increased: in 2011, Seattle had 1.7 percent of same-sex couple households.

Some may not be shocked by theses statistics, since Fort Lauderdale has been a popular destination for the LGBT community for sometime as it has 19 gay resorts, according to HuffPo.

But as the Times reported in 2011, same-sex couples are choosing to live in Seattle because they "want what other families want - affordable housing, more space, good schools."

According to the Census results, these are the top 10 cities for same-sex couples:

10. Warwick, Rhode Island
09. Washington, D.C.
08. Providence, Rhode Island
07. Oakland, California
06. Somerville, Massachusetts
05. Portland, Maine
04. Minneapolis, Minnesota
03. San Francisco, California
02. Seattle, Washington
01. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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