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Wall Street’s Biggest GOP Backer Also Gay Marriage Supporter

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Sep 27, 2012

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that prominent New York City hedge-fund manager, Paul Singer, has done all that he can to make sure GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is elected this November. The conservative moneyman, however, is also known for being extremely influential in getting New York to recognize marriage equality last year.

Singer, 68, has donated more than $11 million since 2001 in order to get gay marriage legalized in the state, after he found out his son was gay. But he has been at odds with Romney over the issue since donating millions to his campaign, EDGE reported.

"So many people, including stark conservatives, have family members and close friends who are gay," Singer said. He added that he also supports gay rights because "it's simply the right thing to do."

The difference on the social issue hasn't stopped the Wall Street guru from donating large sums of money to make sure the Republican Party sees victory this November. Singer gave the GOP $2.3 million this election season, which is more than anyone else on Wall Street, according to the Wall Street Journal. His influence has been so prominent that there were even rumors that Romney's campaign offered him a job. Singer, however, has stated he is not interested in a position with a Romney administration.

"As I have gotten to know Mitt, I have become increasingly of the view that he will make a very fine president," Mr. Singer said in an interview.

Despite Singer's support for Romney, there have been reports that the businessman initially wanted Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, now Romney's running mate, to run for president. According to, Singer approached Ryan and offered to back him in a presidential bid. The site claims that although Ryan declined, Singer's influence still helped him become Romney's second in command.

Despite his support for the GOP and candidates that do not support same-sex marriage, the Human Rights Campaign recognizes him as an important figure. Chad Griffin, the group's president, says that Singer is responsible for influencing other Republicans to support marriage equality, according the Journal.

Singer has donated to a number of charitable projects geared towards the LGBT community, including the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, EDGE reported.

When the organization was honoring Goldman Sachs' chief executive, Lloyd Blankfein, also a conservative, for his support for marriage equality, Blankfein acknowledged Singer's support for LGBT rights. "As a business person, as a corporate leader, as a recruiter and as a human, it is not something I regard as heavy lifting," Blankfein said.


  • Wayne M., 2012-09-28 20:57:26

    It is all well and good to say you support marriage equality, but unless you support those who will bring it about in law, it is not going to happen. Paul Singer needs to understand the old saying, "Talk is cheap; costs money to buy whiskey." He may say he supports equality but he is acting to ensure it does not happen.

  • , 2012-09-28 22:16:41

    Actually Wayne, it’s been said that conservatives will actually brings marriage equality to our nation as they believe in individual rights and limited government.In fact I read that on here. I’ve never had to use the gay card with anyone, but I believe you need to have a majority of people in support of a cause, you can’t force it on them, that only leads to discrimination and hate crimes. It’s people like him that will change the views on this issue to be more positive, than over this President, who up until a few months ago to get votes, changed his mind on the issue. You can argue that’s not the case, but it’s true. I have faith that the day will come will come when this won’t be an issue anymore, but in the mean time I think it’s wrong to be a one issue voter on a social issue when there is so much more at stake this election that will affect the prosperity and our standing in the world. In the end marriage equality isn’t an shouldn’t be a Democrat or Republican this, but a majority of our fellow American’s doing what’s right. In order to get that majority we must see past politics, and let those who are open minded help us influence those who haven’t been. The man in the above article has done that, I’ve done that with my actions and sphere of influence and I suggest everyone else try’s to do the same in their communities. Thank you.

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