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The Hot List :: Summer Essentials (for Men and Women)

by PJ Gach
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jul 24, 2008

There is just stuff we need during the summer that we're okay not using religiously the rest of the year. Perhaps it's because we're out and about more, or perhaps we sweat more, or we're hitting the beaches, whatever it is, our bodies take a beating and we need to pamper a bit more.

So this Hot List is all about unfrying the hair, packing essentials and other goodies that you need. We're talking stuff for men, women and oosh gosh! babies too. Somewhere there's an ankle biter than needs sun protection, okay?


Bumble and Bumble’s coconutty mask

In the sun, on the beach, at the pool - wherever - unless you’re wearing a hat 24/7, your hair is going to get dry, damaged and well, it might look like a rabid sheepdog. Bumble and Bumble has the solution to keep your hair soft and glossy looking; Creme de Coco Masque ($24 5 oz) smells like tanning oil because it’s got coconut oil and avocado, mango, Shea and murumuru butters all this stuff which thirsty hair will soak up.

Use after a shower once a week, leave it in for 7 minutes and voila! Super soft hair. When I tried it, I wrapped my hair in a towel and left in on for 30 minutes for extra conditioning - these are times when blondes don’t have more fun. Don’t forget to toss it in your beach tote and slather it on after swimming.

You can find the Creme de Coco Masque at the Bumble and Bumble salon in New York City, Bb. Network salons or call 1-888-7BUMBLE to order online.

Carita Daily Shampoo

It seems that you wash your hair more during the summer than in any other season. Shampooing often can strip hair of its essential oils and make it drier- not a good idea. Look for gentle shampoos that are designed for daily use, like Carita Daily Radiance Shampoo ($30, 6.7 oz). The shampoo has a light gentle herbal scent, contains microencapsules of minerals, Vitamin B5, cotton, moringa seed, silk proteins for strength, and leaves hair soft and tangle free.

Purchase the shampoo at, Fred Segal in LA, Spas that carry Carita or call 888-414-4471 to find products near you.


Molton Brown- Wake Up Call

Heat making you sleepy and sticky? Yeeeoow. Wake up with Molton Brown’s Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash ($28). It’s a spicy blend of Black Pepper Oil, Basil, Amber, Bergamot and Vanilla. The heady scent will wake you up in that manly way! The bodywash deep cleans, rejuvenates and perks up tired skin.

To keep feeling perky all day long, you might want to try Molton Brown’s Re-charge Black Pepper eau de toilette ($45, 50 ml) to keep that snazzy scent going.

Molton Brown can be found at, and Bath & Bodyworks stores nationwide. But hey, leave some for me, I hate mornings.


Healing Lavender from E Shave

Whether you drag a razor across you face, under your arms or, shh, elsewhere, your skin is going to get the rough treatment. eShave new lavender shaving collection is made for sensitive to normal skin. Lavender has antiseptic and skin soothing properties, so this collection multi-tasks well; a close shave and healthy skin.

There are four elements to this collection; Pre-Shave Oil Lavender ($19, 2 oz) rich vegetal base protects the skin and softens the hair. Shave Cream ($20, 4 oz) or Shaving Soap Lavender with Shea Butter ($28) both products create a rich creamy lather, and to finish it all off, the After Shave Soother Lavender ($22, 8oz), clams and soothes the skin after shaving.

You can find e Shave products at their flagship store; 993 B 1st Avenue, New York City, 212-838-0807, or at

Dermalogica Close Shaves

Inside the red boxes of Dermalogica’s Shave Collection, are products that smell spicy and oh-soo-good and are good for your skin too. There’s the Pre-Shave Bar ($15, 5 oz), made with Tea Tree Oil, anti-inflammatory agents and exfoliators, this soap cleans, removes excess oils and dirt from your skin.

The Daily Scrub ($24, 4 oz) should be used a few times a week to gently exfoliate skin and it will help prevent ingrown hairs.

Got a really tough beard? Try the Pre-Shave Guard ($16, 4 oz) it has a neutral PH and the lightweight protective formula gets skin ready for shaving by softening the skin. Try the Close Shave Oil ($20, 1 oz) for a cool, antibacterial barrier that allows you to get baby soft skin after shaving.

For shaving, you have two choices; Soothing Shave Cream ($16, 6 fl oz) or the Invigorating Shave Gel ($16, 6 oz). The Shave Cream has Vitamin E, Elder Tree, Jojoba Oil and other extra skin calming and anti-inflammatories that are perfect for very sensitive skin. The Shave Gel is oil-free and provides you with an uber close shave. It’s oil free and perfect for oily skin.

Finished shaving? Try Dermalogica’s Post-Shave Balm ($26, 1.7 oz), it reduces irritation, bumps, prevents impacted follicles and ingrown hairs. Made with Salicyclic Acids, aloe, and artichoke, the oil-free balm adds needed moisture to your skin.

Dermalogica can be found in over 7,000 spas and salons across the country. Visit to find products near you


Osmotics Banishes Bulges

Poochy, poochy, eeew! No one likes a spare tire. And no one likes the aging process. While we can’t freeze our 18 year old bodies (oh I wish!) and keep that bod through your life, you can combat droop and crepey-ness-ness with workouts an such, but you might also want to check out Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Cooper 5 Age Repair Lift ($95, 5 fl oz).

It’s a 3-in-1 formula that really works hard: it firms, tones, improves texture, reduces crepey skin, as well as preventing and reducing stretch marks up to 72%. It targets the bust or chest, belly and tush. Our happy problem areas, sigh. It does this by stimulating collagen synthesis, which also makes it an anti-aging moisturizer.

You can find it and the other Osmotics Cosmeceuticals products online at Dillards, Nordstom Lord and Taylor,

Pure Inventions Acai Extracts

Beauty and health begins under the skin. What you eat and drink can make you look peachy keen or overstressed and ill. The liquid supplement drinks from Pure Inventions are created by Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan, both are certified clinical nutritionists.

Since all I seem to do is run around and not eat correctly, and what the hell is sleep?? I tried their Pomegranate with Acai Berry Fruit Extracts ($41). It combines the antioxidant and disease preventing properties of pomegranates with the energizing fruit of the Acai Berry. Just a few drops in water a few times a day, and bingo! It is naturally sweet, so you do not need to add anything to it. You can toss it into a fruit drink and you have a health tonic!

You can find all the Pure Inventions extracts and pure cocoa line at

Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn berries contains oil that’s rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Squeeze them and what do you have? Weleda’s Sothing Sea Buckthorn Collection. Sea Buckthorn keeps your skin healthy, hydrated and soft. The scent of the Sea Buckthorn is lightly citrus; a yummy combination of grapefruit and orange. In the shower use the Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash ($15, 7.2 oz), the light scent is invigorating, and the creamy wash gently cleanses your skin without drying it. You know you need to moisturize all over, but hate that icky greasy feeling, right? Use the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion ($20, 3.4 oz), I’m telling you that it’s worth every penny. The lotion instantly absorbs into your skin. No greasy feel, no oily residue, just smooth soft skin.

Personally, I was amazed how quickly it was absorbed into my skin. And the scent is so light and fresh. Your hands are always in the sun, so keep the Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream ($10, 1.7 oz) close by. Rich luxurious moisturizer will rejuvenate sun-, garden- or office-battered skin. It repairs the skin and creates a protective barrier to prevent further damage.

This has become one of my summer favorites.

The Waleda collection is easy to find at Whole Foods, Walgreens, select health food stores and

Stop Oil now! With Pur Minerals

Shiny things to play with are wonderful for soothing your inner raccoon or blackbird. However, shiny oily faces...not so much.

Pur Minerals has a kick-tush product, the ($18, 1.7 oz) that kills oil in its tracks. The gel contains Sebornormine to help reduce oil production on the surface of the skin. And the gel reduces pore size; regulates oily skin and stops shine.

Start using this and start singing, "Hallelujah!"? It really works!

Shop online at or use their online store locator.


Grab and Go with Anthony Logistics

Traveling? You know these days you can only take small size bottles with you, so you might want to look at Anthony Logistics For Men Travel Size Grab and Go Kit ($35) It’s got everything you need - in airline-approved sizes. Glycolic Facial Cleanser (2 fl oz), Facial Scrub (2 oz), Shave Cream (2 oz), Astringent (2 fl oz), Coconut Shampoo (2 fl oz), and Cleansing Gel (2 fl oz), are packed in a 1-quart, clear, zip-top plastic bag.

Find it at and Bath & Bodyworks stores nationwide.

Pucker up with Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush has created the tiniest, cutest cosmetics that will easily fit into your travel bag, leaving you lots of room for shoes. The Beauty Rush Lip Gloss ($7) fits into the palm of your hand. While tiny, it bursts with flavor and shine. The gloss comes in Twisted Citrus, Bananas!, Fruitloose, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Baby and Ice Teased.

Find it online at or in Victoria’s Secret stores nationwide.

Tejani Travels in Style

Love this traveling jewelry case! So cute and yes, you do get the gorg jewels in the photo! Tejani has created a jewelry kit that comes in mango or black embossed leather. The kit comes with five pieces of jewelry: bangles, necklace, hoop, cuff, and chandelier earrings in your choice of silver or gold.

The hoops and cuff come in silver or gold, and this small kit will give you lots of holiday looks.

Go to to purchase the kit or go online to see if a Tejani trunk show is coming near you.


Pur Minerals 4 - in 1Rocks

Face-wise you want to look good, but there are times when it’s so hot out, foundation pours off your face like a waterfall; not a pretty picture. You’ll want to look for a lightweight base that will give you a lovely even tone, but not clog your pours. Try Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup ($24, .28oz), it gives you even coverage, your skin looks healthy and glowing. Unlike some other mineral foundations out there, this one doesn’t fade, vanish or play fast and loose with laugh lines. Plus it’s got an SPF 15; the compact has a hidden mirror and holds a cosmetic applicator sponge.

With 10 shades there’s very little chance you’ll get the foundation line of death on your jawline.

This base rocks, pure and simple (sorry for the pun), but it does.

Shop online at or use their online store locator.

Benefit Banishes!

I know I keep coming back to the after effects of summer soirees, but c’mon, we all live a little more during the summer months. To hide dark circles, zits and other things try Benefit has created what they call an industrial strength concealer Boi-ing ($18), and while I think the name’s silly, the product is amazing.

Make dark circles vanish, no more zits (well, you can’t see them), no red spots, nothing, but hot looking skin. And if you’ve been tossing back cool drinks on hot summer nights, this stuff really hides the damage. Yay!

Find Benefit Cosmetics in fine department stores nationwide, Sephora and

Smashbox Burnishes Your Skin

Want a tan look without the skin damage? Smashbox has got the Fusion Body Bronzing Powder and Brush set ($55), four shimmering bronze shades in an oversized compact allow you to burnish your decolletage, cheeks, anywhere you please with this sunny glow. The bronzing powder comes in four shades; deep tan, terracotta, warm bronze and nude.

In keeping with the bronze theme, try their Fusion Eye and Cheek Color ($28), comes in Heatwave, a bronze colored compact that’s got three colors: terracotta, pink and soft brown in a wavy pattern. You can blend the colors together for a warm blush or highlighter, use color separately as eye shadow, and just play, play, play.

Smashbox Cosmetics can be found at, Sephora stores and

Sniff Me! Sniff Him! Sniff her! Sniff!

Numero 001 or Numero 002??

What’s that saying, "Men glisten, horses sweat, and women glow,"? or something like that, right? Oh maybe I reversed it, but the idea is that people don’t get stinky. Of course around the time of Louis X1V, men and women carried clove studded pomanders to sniff as they walked around; the scent deadened unwashed bodies, offal in the streets and other not so fab odors. In ancient times, fragrances like Ambergris were considered to be aphrodisiacs. Now we just want to smell good.

Fruits & Passion is a Canadian firm that firmly believes in using natural ingredients in their products, preserving the earth’s resources, and creating original and unique products. They’ve now come out with a new line of men’s fragrances; F/P Homme. There are two fragrances: Numero 001 and Numero 002.

Numero 002 is a scent for the urban, urabane, sophisticated man who’s into fashion and likes up to the minute trends. He’s the guy who’s always ahead of the curve. The scent is warm, sexy and vital. One sniff and you want to curl up next to the bottle; it’s that heady.

Numero 002 meshes Bergamot of Calabria, Italian cypress, ambergris and other warm scents and it’s just plain delicious. The collection ranges from plant derived algae soap ($8, 5.3 oz) to a Vitamin B infused shower gel ($15. 8.5 oz) to body spray ($19.50, 5.8 oz), after shave ($22, 4.2 oz) or eau de toilette ($45, 3.4 oz). There’s a special promotion on the website right now -$35 gets you a black shoulder bag (kinda like a messenger/cross over bag), 8.4oz shower gel and a 5.8 oz body deodorant mist for $35.

Fruits & Passion has over 166 boutiques in 13 countries, to find a store near you or to shop online, go to

Vroom! Vroom!! Vroom!!

The Mustang is an iconic car; designed by Carroll Shelby in ’64,and sold for pennies in the early ’60s, those same early cars have become high ticket collectible cars and the stuff of dreams. After all, Steve McQueen drove one in the movie Bullitt!

And now Mustang Blue is a new fragrance that’s great for the summer with its blend of basil, sage, mint, and sandalwood. It smells fresh, clean and crisp. A mix between a warm summer day and freshly pressed shirt; it’s an indefinable masculine scent.

The collection includes cologne spray ($20, 1 oz, $25, 1.7 oz, $32, 3.4 oz), and after shave ($25, 3.4 oz). Who said you had to spend a lot of money to smell good? It’s nice to find a compelling scent at a reasonable price. Men have been saying that they love the first Mustang scent and are looking forward to the new one. When was the last time a bunch of men went crazy over a scent???

You can find it in Sears, JC Penny, Kohls, mass merchandisers and chain drug stores nationwide.

"I’m dreaming...dreaming..."

Women love to switch their fragrances with the season; a scent that combines peaches, freesia, and white woods spells out a sexy summer fragrance. Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming is a romantic and fresh scent.

You can get the Treasured Dreams set ($48, eau de parfum spray 1.7 oz. and smoothing body lotion 3.4 oz) or the eau de parfum ($45, 1.7 oz, $60 3.4 oz). New products from the line that should be appearing soon are a limited edition perfume pendant and a lip gloss/ roller ball combination.

You can purchase Dreaming at Macy’s and


Peaches and Boo Boo- Miracle Cure

Summer lovin’ means lots of weddings, parties, and evil shoes! I swear shoes have teeny weeny teeth that come out and nibble on you just when you don’t expect it.

What do you do? Peaches and Boo Boo has the answer. Cynthia Glasbrenner, an Atlanta based business woman has created perhaps the only products on the market that will prevent blisters, cuts and ugly, ugly damage done to your feet by evil shoes.

I’ve been road testing the Save My Feet Blister Elixir ($20, 4 oz) and the Party Shoe Elixir ($20, 4 oz) for months and I can proudly say that they have defeated evil shoes every time!

The Blister Elixir works to protect your feet against the ravages of everything from flip flops to sneakers to dress shoes. It’s not greasy, doesn’t stain and will prevent feet from getting blisters, cuts and scratches from shoes.

The Party Shoe Elixir moisturizes your feet for up to 9 hours and is especially formulated for women who wear heels all the time.

You only use a dime sized amount to rub on your feet. It’s recommended for use only on the part of the foot that might get irritated, but I found through trial and band-aid, that it’s much better to put the lotion on your entire foot. Some people like to rub it on their elbows for super soft skin.

You can find these amazing products at and I really do swear that this is the best thing for feet since, gosh, I don’t know when!


Waleda Diaper Cream-Soothes

Oh babies and their tender skin, you have to be so careful and they’ll still get a rash. The next time the bottom is red, try using Weleda Calendula Diaper Care ($10, 2.8 oz) made with natural ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and sesame, this product provides quick relief to rash and irritation. It’s also a perfect antidote for adult heat rash.

The product is great for anyone with sensitive skin who breaks out from too much sunshine. On a personal note, I have this in my medicine cabinet every summer. I love the sun, but get a heat rash on my back like clockwork. For me, this is the only thing that works.

The Waleda collection is easy to find at Whole Foods, Walgreens, select health food stores and

Blankies from Swaddle Design

Speaking of baby skin, they need to be protected from the sun, but there are so many blankies out there that are too hot. Swaddle Designs has come out with a line of super soft, ultra lightweight open weave blankies made with Marquisette fabric.

The summer swaddle is large, 42? x 43? and easily folds into a diaper bag. It’s made in the U.S.A and can be used anywhere from the playroom to the beach.

You can find the summer swaddle and a whole mess of cute baby goods at

PJ Gach is a Contributing Writer for the Style & Entertainment Sections of the EDGE group of publications.She also freelances for PJ has styled, shot and written fashion pieces for PJ writes about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics for national publications. As an entertainment/rock journalist her pieces have appeared in the US and Europe, including The New York Post, Rolling Stone (web & mag), Ing?nue Magazine and Drill magazine. She’s a Manhattanite, a proud dog owner, gal about town, and freelance writer. In her spare time, she rescues orphaned shoes. You can reach her at


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