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Philadelphia Celebrates 50 Years of the LGBT Rights Movement

By Mike Halterman | May 17
On July 4, 1965, the very first LGBT rights demonstrations in the United States were held in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Special Relationships :: Brit Pols Support Marriage Equality - Unlike Yank Counterparts

By Rhuaridh Marr | May 2
Unlike our lengthy, costly elections, Britain's are almost ludicrously short. And in stark contrast to America's "conservatives," who preach government non-interference in people's lives except for social issues, Britain's pols support marriage equality.

VA State Senate Shifts to GOP, But GLBT Bills May Still Gain Traction

By John Riley | Aug 31
Virginia Republicans seized control of the state senate on Tuesday, Aug. 19, giving them complete power over the operations of the state's General Assembly and further thwarting Gov. Terry McAuliffe's (D) legislative agenda.

Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality

By Lewis Whittington | Jun 26
Star litigators David Boies and Ted Olson spent the next five years,building the Constitutional case against Prop 8 that led to their victory in the US Supreme Court.

Attorney Elizabeth Hoffman on The Evolving Definition of Family

By Winnie McCroy | May 15
Elizabeth Hoffman, a Seattle attorney at family law firm McKinley Irvin shares her extensive experience working with families to sort out a variety of complex custody issues.

Boca Raton Expands Health Insurance Benefits, Updates Discrimination Policy

By Dylan Bouscher | Sep 11
More than seven years after human rights advocate Rand Hoch first asked the Boca Raton City Council to protect its LGBT employees, he can finally claim victory.

Judge Sides With Ohio Gay Couple on Death Form

By Amanda Lee Myers | Sep 4
A recently deceased gay Ohio man must be listed on his death certificate as married and his husband must be listed as his spouse despite Ohio’s gay marriage ban, a federal judge has ordered.

Over 145 LGBT Groups Join Forces Pushing for All-Inclusive Gay Rights Bill

By Sergio N. Candido | Jun 19
Tired of having to wait years for bills to give partial rights to the LGBT community, a group of activists and organizations are launching a campaign to get Congress to draft and pass an all-inclusive bill.

Argentina Requires HMOs to Fund Fertility Efforts

Jun 6
Argentina’s health care providers must now provide fertility treatments to anyone older than 18 who wants them, be they married or single, gay or straight.

"Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies" Now Available

Nov 18
"The Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies" is the first Dummies reference guide to comprehensively address the legal issues facing the LGBT Community, including estate planning, marriage equality, adoption, surrogacy, artificial insemination, immigration, hous

1 thru 10 of 19 Stories