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NYC Gives First Known Intersex Birth Certificate

By SFGN Admin | Jan 7
Sara Kelly Keenan of California received the nation's first known birth certificate that lists gender as "intersex." New York City issued Keenan the certificate last week.

Trials and Tribulations of Being an Intersex Individual

By Joney Harper | Nov 19
Discovering that I was both male and female during my military service was both a relief and a painful experience. Part Two of a two-part series.

What is the 'I' in LGBTQI?

By Joney Harper | Nov 13
In our community's alphabet soup, I often hear, "What does the 'I' stand for?" I often hear answers like: "inter-gendered;" "inquisitive;" "inter-gay," but sometimes "intersex."

U.S. Recognizes Intersex Awareness Day

By John McDonald | Oct 30
On Wednesday, the United States government recognized intersex people and the struggles they face.

WHO, UN Condemn Forced Sterilization of Trans & Intersex People

By Winnie McCroy | Jun 2
The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined forces with UN and other groups to condemn the forced sterilization of transgender and intersex people in a groundbreaking report.

Germany: Parents Can Pick Babies’ Gender on Birth Certificates

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 31
Germany will become the first country in the world that grants parents rights to choose their baby’s gender on the newborn’s birth certificate.

Is Masque The New Revolutionary Sexual Enhancement Product?

Jun 7
After years of research and development, Masque has been designed by a team of scientists who have created a formula combining flavor blockers microencapsulated in a paper-thin, dissolvable, oral gel strip.

Intersex Las Vegas resident Tia Owen makes her mark

By Zamna Avila | Nov 24
Doctors discovered Tia Owen had female reproductive organs after prostate cancer surgery at 29.

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