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Transgender Man Can Sue Hospital Over Denied Hysterectomy

Transgender Man Can Sue Hospital Over Denied Hysterectomy

Sep 19
A California transgender man can go ahead with a discrimination lawsuit against a Catholic hospital that canceled his hysterectomy, an appeals court ruled Tuesday.

New Study Shows Staggering Connection Between Transgender Conversion Therapy and Suicide Attempts

New Study Shows Staggering Connection Between Transgender Conversion Therapy and Suicide Attempts

Sep 14
A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that exposure to attempts by professionals to change a person's gender identity from transgender to cisgender is associated with a range of adverse mental health outcomes, including suicide attempts.

3 Myths About Transition-Related Care for Trans People

Feb 21
Insurance carve-outs for transition-related care are illegal. But that hasn't stopped some from continuing to deny transgender people the care they need. Here's the truth about transition-related healthcare.

More Than Skin Deep: How Odyssey Wellness Tattoo Changes Lives

By Jill Gleeson | Feb 9
Darlene DiBona of Odyssey Wellness Tattoo specializes in working with people who have undergone mastectomies and gender reassignment surgery.

Denying Transgender Identity Can Seriously Impact Mental Health

By Bethany Grace Howe | Dec 13
The impact of statements or actions that are subtly and even unintentionally discriminatory, what researchers call "microaggressions," is measurable and real.

Speaking Up for Diversity

Jul 6
A voice can be as unique as a fingerprint and provide an easily recognizable association to others. For the transgender community, voice is a key element to a realized identity.

Trans Officer Might Lose Job... For Being Too Short

By Donyae Lewis | Dec 2
Being too short can affect what rollercoasters you get on at amusement parks. But who would have thought it might cost you your job too. This is the case for a transgender officer in India.

Congress Members Demand Proof Trump Had Pentagon Support on Trans Troop Ban

By Ryan Lynch | Oct 21
114 members of Congress pushed for evidence from President Donald Trump that he has support from head military officials on his ban of transgender military members.

Pope Francis Says Trans People Will Cause Infertility

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 16
Transgender, non-binary people and their "utopia of the neutral" will make people infertile, Pope Francis claims.

Policies Renewed in Pakistan for Trans People to Receive ID Cards

By Donyae Lewis | Oct 8
As of last week, trans people in Pakistan are now allowed to use their 'gurus' name instead of their parent's name when registering for their country computerized national identity card (CNIC).

1 thru 10 of 502 Stories